PWR Racing Team – Car RTX

PWR Racing Team is Formula student team from Wroclaw, Poland. Our goal is to build the best race car we can and then compete across the world.

This year the PWR Racing Team took part in 4 competitions. In May we went across the ocean to Michigan with our last year car RT09. Then in summer with our new car RTX we went to Italy, Germany and Czech Republic.

During the design of RTX we decided to revolutionise the concept of our car. This way RTX looks very different from RT09.


RTX Electronics

This year’s RTX is a completely different concept than last year’s RT09, but we as a electronics department focused on development of the RT09 ides and solutions.

RTX’s Electronics

Electronics in RTX consists of over 100 sensors and modules including real time telemetry system, data logger, Bluetooth communication system, power distribution module, GNSS positioning, steering wheel with 4.3’’ color display and LED tachometer and more.

The most important component of electronics in RTX or any other of our cars is a self-made wiring harness which connects all the modules and sensors via CAN bus. All the wires in our wiring harness combined measure 220 meters. The wiring harness is made according to many of the military and airline standards and the 620c production standard.

Manufacturing of the Wiring Harness

What did we made with a help of Eurocircuits

With the help of Eurocircuits for the 2nd, year we were able to focus on developing our telemetry system, Bluetooth communication system, steering wheel, power distribution module and Analog to CAN (ACAN) modules.

Power Distribution Module

Power distribution module is responsible for correct distribution of power from power supply across all wiring harness, front and rear. PDM distributes power to all modules, fuel pump, fans of the engine cooling system and engine starter. This year we were able to make it smaller and more compact than any time before which is crucial as we want to make our electronics to weight as little as possible.

Power Distribution Module


This year we decided to completely rebuild the telemetry system. We created a system where car communicates with telemetry datahub, from which the web telemetry application can read in real time. This way we can easily use the telemetry on various different devices at once. We use the 2.4 GHz Telemetry module based on the PCB manufactured by Eurocircuits to communicate with datahub via self-developed protocol.

Telemetry and Wireless Data Transfer Module

Wireless Data Transfer System

We also created a Wireless Data Transfer System based on Bluetooth Low Energy, which allows us to integrate into CAN bus sensors, that are not directly connected to the wiring harness, for example Tire Pressure sensors or lap timer.

Wireless Data Transfer Module

Steering Wheel

One thing we are very proud of is a steering wheel with a 4.3’’ colour display, allowing us to preview the status of the car without connecting to the telemetry.

Steering wheel also allows drivers to change the engine’s fuel map during driving or to set various launch control settings.

RTX’s Steering Wheel

Analogue to CAN

Analogue to CAN modules allow us to convert the signal from analogue sensors like dampers potentiometer, steering wheel position or brake pressure to their digital representation which we then send through CAN bus.

We have two ACAN’s on our car, one for the front sensors and one for the rear.

Front and Rear Analogue to CAN Modules

All those things helped us to achieve an 2nd place in overall classification in Formula Student Czech Republic!

Thank you Eurocircuits

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bud. T3. Biuro nr 3

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