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We are Rennschmiede Pforzheim e.V., the Formula Student Team of Pforzheim University. Our members come from all faculties of our university: engineering, design, business and law. Every year we build a racing car with which we take part in the international Formula Student events in the summer. At last year’s events we competed with our second electric vehicle, the RSP22 “Amber”. We participated in Formula Student Switzerland, Formula Student East and Formula Student Germany.

The highlight of last season’s electronics is our self-developed main control unit. It reads in various analogue and digital sensors and communicates with the drive controller via an EtherCAT interface to implement the torque specification. Furthermore, a WLAN module is also installed on the control unit, which allows us to access it wirelessly. In order to ensure the correct impedances of Ethernet, USB and the WLAN antenna, we had a circuit board with defined impedance manufactured by Eurocircuits. With the help of the Eurocircuits impedance calculator, it was very easy to determine how cables that require a certain impedance should look. Thanks to the excellent Eurocircuits quality, the ECU was able to reliably control the drive of our race car.

We also used Eurocircuits PCBs for the monitoring of the high-voltage battery, the emergency stop system, the sensor system and our driver interface.

The production of the circuit boards by Eurocircuits is always fast, reliable and of excellent quality. We are therefore very grateful for the support of Eurocircuits and look forward to working with them in the coming season.




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