Member of the Eurocircuits Editorial Team

I’ve joined Eurocircuits as an editor!

I’ll be writing about the engineers who create technology, the people behind products: what motivates us and how we go about doing our work. I’ll explore projects and ideas from small to large, from fun to serious, from prototypes to mature, academic, ‘maker’, commercial, and so on. Basically, if it has electronics in it — and is active within the market Eurocircuits serves — it’s in my scope.

I’m an electronics engineer with experience as a product designer and as a technical writer. I have a PhD in hardware security, where I focused on the security of FPGAs and banking hardware, and I’ve written my own PCB design tool in Python. I’ve also become an ‘electronics craftsman’ where I combined art and electronics to create visually beautiful, and functional, soldering projects and products. I’ve created and managed a large community of people from all backgrounds around the concept of ‘beautiful circuits’. I’ve no doubt that all of these experiences will come into play in this new role.


Working with Eurocircuits is an achievement for me. I’ve always appreciated how they operate, their focus on value and what they do best, and their uncompromising quality. I’ve even written about it a few years ago when I was a happy customer. Interestingly, our very start was a bit bumpy as they’ve — affectionately, I’m sure — considered me a ‘troublemaker’ because I brought up issues that other people didn’t worry much about, like how the PCB looks. Quite quickly though Luc and Dirk embraced my attention to detail and we’ve both started enjoying our emerging collaborations. Examples of these are the 2015 ‘Circuit love’ plaque, 2017 ‘The Monarch’, and the 2019 ‘Scarab’. These projects required two passes with different soldermask colours and I appreciated that Eurocircuits enabled me to realise them.

Circuit Love PCB Plaque

‘Circuit Love’ PCB Plaque

The Monarch Soldering Project

‘The Monarch’ a PCB butterfly soldering project

Scarab PCB Soldering Project

‘Scarab’ PCB soldering project

So here we are. After nearly eight years of being a customer and many thousands of PCBs ordered from Eurocircuits later, I’m part of the team. I’m excited.

Please contact me at with any projects that you’d like me to know or write about, or anything else that you think I can be helpful with.