The Academic Motorsport Club Zurich (AMZ) consist of 65 students from the ETH Zurich and the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, each year they design and build a complete electric racing car as well as, converting an existing race car into an autonomous (self-driving) racing car.

The project is either part of their studies or is realised in parallel to their studies and gives the students, the opportunity to convert the theory learnt in the lecture halls to real practical applications.

For the first time in Formula Student history and during the biggest engineering competition since 1972, the team of ETH Zurich achieved two overall victories. In the electric and autonomous class of the Formula Student Germany competition, they were able to get both AMZ vehicles ahead of the international competition,  consisting of 3,700 students.

In addition to their victories the AMZ team scored 959 points during the Formula Student Germany competition and thus achieved the highest score every recorded during this competition.

A month earlier, students in Italy achieved the full 1000/1000 points in a Formula Student competition. No other team in the more than 35-year history of Formula Student has achieved this anywhere in the world.

Key facts about the autonomously driven racing car:

  • Weight: 192kg
  • Speed: 117kmh
  • Acceleration: 1.6G
  • Motor: Self-developed electric engines
  • Drive Train – 4WD

What was realised with the Eurocircuits PCB’s:

  • Implementation of the autonomous system
  • General energy supply to the sensors
  • CAN interface to control actuators with electronic control unit (ECU) of the car
  • Control and read of the non-programmable logic of the autonomous status of the machine
  • RS232 interface for reading the IMU
  • High Voltage Accumulator Management System (AMS)
  • Measurement of the temperature and voltage of each battery cell
  • Transmitting the cell information from each AMS (at each cell) to the master controller
  • 112s1p accumulator cell configuration (420V)
  • 62kW discharge capacity
  • cell balancing

The contribution and support of, Eurocircuits in this project has played a significant part in obtaining these outstanding results. We thank you very much for your support and cooperation.

Claas Ehmke
SLAM and Electronics, Driverless