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Dear Eurocircuits customer,

Our mission has always been to offer you a fast and reliable service for the manufacture and assembly of prototypes and small series PCBs.

Unfortunately, over the past year we, along with the rest of the world, have seen supply chains turned upside-down. The sourcing of raw materials for PCB production and components for the assembly has become increasingly difficult due to world-wide shortages. This puts an enormous pressure on planning and the ability to guarantee on-time deliveries.

PCB Bare Board Manufacture

We were able to take precautions regarding the raw materials for PCB production by increasing our stocks and finalising supply contracts so that the availability of our PCB services for prototypes and small series is safeguarded and the financial impact is limited.

Assembly – Component Availability

Whilst we are able to maintain a larger stock of raw materials, this is impractical when it comes to components as there are so many types and variations available. The current chaos in component supply chains means that even our normal automated digital sourcing from our suppliers is also less reliable. In many cases the required components must be sourced manually, which is very time consuming. Added to this is the ongoing extremely volatile component availability and pricing issues which is causing the entire electronics industry difficulty in making reliable commitments.

This is probably not news to you, because every day new articles appear in the trade and general press describing this worldwide situation.

Under normal circumstances the lead time of PCB production is more than enough for us to source the components, have them delivered and ready for the assembly process. However, these days we often must wait a long time for the final component(s) before we can start the assembly process.

We Need Your help

To help avoid potential delays we need to work together in an even closer partnership and there are ways in which you can help.

The optimum is using our Parts Reservation system which we introduced in April. This allows you to reserve key components well in advance, which gives us more time to source them and have them in stock when you place your order and thus avoiding delays. Please consider this service for your future projects. Alternatively, during the flexibility of your prototyping stage you could decide to have a long lead time component(s) not placed by us.

Let us make the best of it together.

The Eurocircuits Team.

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