2015 – Another record year

2015 was a record year for sales, orders and the number of active customers. This allowed us to re-invest €2.5 million during 2015 in new equipment and new products to keep our customers at the cutting edge of PCB technology.

New services in 2015.

  1. NAKED proto. “true” prototype service for prototypes without soldermask.
  2. SEMI-FLEX pool. To answer the demand for FLEX-TO-INSTALL prototypes and small series.
  3. BINDI pool extended. More options added for BINDI pool.

New software tools.

  1. New Auto-repair function in PCB Visualizer. Intelligent DRC rules repair Annular Rings that are too small to manufacture.
  2. Outline/Milling Editor. Use the Outline/Milling Editor to correct the board outline where the outline (profile) data is missing, incomplete, incorrect or duplicated (two outlines found).
  3. We updated our Pre Production Approval functionality to handle DATA issues. This new way of handling data issues reduced the number of real exceptions that stopped the processing of data, no matter how briefly, by a factor 6 to 4% of all data sets.
  4. New eurocircuits.com website. We renewed our website to better serve the need of the electronics design engineers offering clearer information and tools.

New eC-equipment.

  1. eC-placer. To manually assist and aid with accurate and fast population of components to your PCB prototype.
  2. eC-fume-cube. An efficient and silent fume extraction system to complement our eC-reflow-mate-hood.

For more information, see our BLOG Looking back at 2015.

New things for 2016

2016 we will focus on our core business processes, making them faster and more efficient.

In looking back at 2015 we gave an overview of last years’ achievements. This year we will prepare ourselves to handle more than 100.000,- orders in our manufacturing and over 400.000,- data sets through our PCB Visualizer.

Improving speed, performance and efficiency will be our top priority during the first 6 months of 2016.

After the above goals will be achieved we still have many projects in the pipeline.

2015 we made our PCB Visualizer vector based allowing more PRE-CAM tasks to be performed and allowing a better interaction with the user. Our goal is still to automatically process PCB data as far as possible through the CAM operations before our customer launches his order. At the same time interactively solving potential production issues before they delay delivery or increase costs.

All this means that the data will be composed, like Gerber, of “real” entities (tracks, pads, planes, holes etc.). This allows for faster processing, but also opens the way for a whole range of new applications and repair solutions like auto repair of annular rings and outline editor explained in looking back at 2015.

What will come next, when and what still needs to be revealed will become clear during 2016.

2016 is one of the most exciting years for Eurocircuits yet, with the new improvements we plan, investments made and our new building. To top it all we will celebrate our 25th anniversary, on the 1st of May!

For more information, see our BLOG: Looking forward at 2016.

Continuity of supply

All our boards are produced in our own factories in Germany, Hungary and India. Don’t let your PCB supply get threatened by the Chinese New Year shut-downs in the coming weeks. Contact us (euro@eurocircuits.com) and we will be happy to keep your production flowing. Our BINDI pool service now handles orders up to 50 m2.

Technical blogs

Some recent highlights:

If you would like us to produce a blog or white paper on a particular aspect of PCB manufacturing technology, PCB soldering or EAGLE CAD, email us at euro@eurocircuits.com.

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