One problem designers have always faced is the ability to program various microcontrollers especially when each runs and requires different software and interfaces to program them, meaning that you need to have various adaptors and software knowledge for each of them …..

Until now, a programming adapter was just an interface between the microcontroller and the matching flash- or debug software. The USBprog already contains these softwares which can be accessed via a network and a web service using a browser. A first time user will gain easy access to program or debug the microcontroller using any operating system and any computing device.

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The USBprog 5.0 OpenOCD is a programming- and debug adapter that can be managed from a Windows, Mac or Linux PC without the need to install additional software. In the simplest case you can operate it via a web browser. If the programmer should be triggered by a batch- or make file, there is a simple command tool available.


-ARM JTAG / SWD debugger and programmer
-AVR ISP programmer for flashing standard processors
-Level converter (Adjustable 1.8V, 3.3V and 5.0V)
-Browser interface for easy operation
-Manual for integration into the Atmel AVR Studio 6
-Web service interface for a command line tool
-Connection Via USB network interface (RNDIS)
-Firmware archive to import a software easy in to production repeatedly

The USBprog 5.0 combines many programmers in a single device. Operated via a browser, there is no need for configuring the device. The USBprog 5.0 works with Windows 7 and 8, MacOS and Linux.

To start: plugin the device, setup a network connection and connect via browser Programming and debugging has never been so easy.

Further information you will find here: Embedded Projects Website