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Dear customer,

As you may well be aware, in the early hours of Wednesday 27th October 2021, we had a fire in a part of our PCB production facility in Eger, Hungary.

It was a black time for Eurocircuits, quite literally. Our courageous staff tried to extinguish the fire but to no avail. Fortunately the fire service arrived quickly and extinguished the flames.

This left us all wondering what next, how much damage had been caused, the whole building was full of black smoke and there was soot everywhere. We are so proud of our staff in Eger who worked miracles to clean the factory and equipment so that we were back in full production in only 2 weeks.

Our other facility in Aachen, Germany also rose to the challenge and worked tirelessly to compensate for the lost production capacity caused by the fire.

We can truly say that Eurocircuits have a magnificent international team who go above and beyond to make things happen.

The video below captures facts as well as the emotions and explains how we achieved this in only 2 weeks.

Only hours after the fire we created a timeline blog so that anyone could follow how things progressed from the flames leaping from the roof of the building to the production running again.

Update on the fire in our Hungarian Factory (27/10/21)

Many thanks to all our friends for their messages of support.

Your Eurocircuits Team

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