Eurocircuits supports innovation – Parcelhome smart letterbox


Concerns about delivery and complex returns from home are key reasons for consumers to avoid online purchases. Now, has developed an all-new way for Belgian parcel delivery services to solve both problems at once. With its smart letterbox, this start-up has developed a package delivery system at home that both couriers and consumers can open using a smartphone app.

Carriers DHL Parcel, GLS and DPD see an opportunity to improve their service to consumers. Both carriers and consumers lose when no one is home to receive a package. At present, 15% of packages cannot be delivered on the first attempt, and in some residential areas up to 50% of deliveries fail. This trial in the Mechelen area is the first project in which multiple carriers cooperate to improve home delivery rates. The smartbox is the result of 18 months of research and development and has is covered by multiple patents.

Luc van Bosstraeten,’s GM for Benelux explains. “It is as simple to use as your letterbox, but it contains breakthrough technology. You can use the system to allow package carriers and even local shops – like your baker – to deliver their products at home. The only thing the baker needs is the Parcelhome app. The system is totally secure and works with dynamic codes comparable to the codes used in online banking. The built-in scale issues a receipt, and the system can receive multiple packages from different carriers. As soon as a package is placed in the ParcelHome unit, the addressee is notified.”

This means that customers know exactly when a package has arrived or been picked up and what each carrier has done. Thanks to the scale, it is easy to send and return packages and there is no need to go to the post office. The ParcelHome unit calculates the delivery fee and franks the package, a carrier then comes and picks it up.

The ParcelHome unit is large enough for 95% of packages. At the moment the trial is limited to the homes of 100 online shoppers in the Mechelen area who will be testing the units from May until July.
“It is high time for something like this,” says trial participant Gilles Van der Planken from Duffel. “My wife and I both work away from home. We order items online several times a month, from coffee capsules to nose spray to children’s toys. Having to drive somewhere to pick up a parcel is annoying. I hope that from now on ‘home delivery’ will mean that items are actually delivered to our home.”
It is not surprising that kicks off in Belgium, because e-commerce has huge momentum in the country, and according to research by management consultancy AT Kearny Belgium is among the top ten growth markets. A number Belgian companies have contributed to the development of the smartbox including Quad Industries, Eurocircuits and Clear Channel Belgium. Eurocircuits also takes part in the trial.

But what really makes this project unique is the fact that several different carriers are co-operating for greater customer satisfaction. They clearly see that is key to the future of e-commerce.

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Eurocircuits as loyal long term sponsor of GROUP T’s formula student team

Eurocircuits as loyal long term sponsor of GROUP T’s formula student team.

For the last several academic years, Eurocircuits have been supporting the Formula student team of GROUP T in Leuven with PCBs for their car.

In the following video are some impressions of their work and team.

Design UMICORE LUNA from Formula Electric Belgium on Vimeo.

You really should visit their website and admire what these enthusiastic group of students can do:

Eurocircuits involved in a project that is out of this world: WUSAT

Eurocircuits involved in a project that is out of this world: WUSAT.

Eurocircuits had the immense pleasure to provide the PCB’s for such a prestigious project as the recently launched WUSAT-2, and are very pleased to be sponsoring Warwick”s next planned satellite, WUSAT-3‎.

For the last year, eight engineering students from Warwick University, led by their project director Dr Bill Crofts, embarked on a project to design, build and launch their own Satellite into space.

The satellite will measure light frequencies from the outer atmosphere and transmit them back to the team before dropping back to earth. They have designed their machine to estimate the density of elements such as sodium and O2 via their light emission because that is one way satellites can detect other potentially life-supporting planets in a galaxy.

The project is being backed by the European Space Agency, and the German and Swedish Space Agencies are both on board as well.

After months of hard work and dedication the team were ready for launch last Tuesday the 17th March 2015 ‎from the Swedish Space Centre north of the Arctic Circle.

In the words of the project director: “The launch was almost on time, perfect weather conditions, we got some great pics and video of it, the nosecone deployed exactly on time, the satellite ejected, the communications system powered up, and we started to receive data signals through our ground station where most of us were situated on Radar Hill 2km away.

The team were ecstatic and very emotional! Every aspect that each of them had worked on was successful. Later, we heard two sonic bangs which we think was the satellite breaking the sound barrier on re-entry.

Even the ESA guys were excited! Apparently, this is the first time they have successfully achieved transmitted data from an ESA/Rexus ejected unit on re-entry, so an amazing achievement. We have a lot of data now to be analyzed, and we are hoping to estimate the speed of the satellite via the Doppler shift of the radio signals. Nevertheless, to achieve transmission at all in these conditions was quite exceptional! As expected the satellite could not be recovered, but the ejection unit was recovered by helicopter along with the rocket’s service module 40km away.

Project Director Dr. Bill Crofts was keen to point out the vital role played by all of the sponsoring companies in helping the WUSAT team overcome the huge engineering challenges they faced with the WUSAT-2 mission. “They are a key part of the team, and also help to enhance the experience and knowledge that the students acquire through working with them”. We are now aiming for WUSAT-3 to be a fully orbiting satellite potentially launched from the International Space Station. How cool is that!”

Eurocircuits wishes the team great and continued success.

One small step for Man and one giant voyage for Eurocircuits.

You can follow them on Facebook and twitter

Eurocircuits as sponsor of RCVA Robot Concept Ville d’Avray

Eurocircuits as sponsor of RCVA Robot Concept Ville d’Avray.

Eurocircuits have been supporting the Robot competition team of the town of Avray. The team has been very successful the past years.

The following movie gives an overview of their achievements.

You really should visit their website and admire what this enthusiastic group of engineers can do:

Eurocircuits supports the formula student team of the University of Munich

Eurocircuits supports the formula student team of the University of Munich.

Already since 2006 we are dealing with the enthusiastic team of students of the University of Munich. We sponsor the PCBs for their formula student project. We now leave it up to them to tell in their own words how the project went and what their experiences were.

Team member, Christopher Römmelmayer, wrote this to us:

Hallo Herr Dörr,

ich melde mich wieder bei Ihnen, da wir noch eine letzte Platine bestellt haben und ich zudem einen kurzen Rückblick zum Auto geben wollte.

Auf nachfolgende zwei Bildern ist unsere Control Unit zu sehen, in der viele Platinen von Ihnen untergebracht sind, welche alle wichtige Aufgaben im Auto übernehmen.

Darunter fällt beispielsweise die Spannungs- und Stromüberwachung in unserem Niedervolt-System oder die Berechnung des Drehmoments für unsere vier Antriebsmaschinen.

Weitere Bilder zeigen unser Elektroauto und das Team. Wir sind stolz darauf, dass wir dieses Jahr mit unserem ersten Allradfahrzeug tolle Ergebnisse erzielen konnten.

Unter finden Sie gleich auf der Titelseite einige Berichte zu Wettbewerben und Bilder.

Vielen Dank für Ihre großartige Unterstützung!

Viele Grüße

Christopher Römmelmayer

There is really little more we can add to that and we are proud that we can support these guys. More on their team can be found on

Eurocircuits supports the formula student team of Bizkaia University

Eurocircuits supports the formula student team of Bizkaia University.

2014 is the first year we deal with the enthusiastic team of student of Bizkaia University. We sponsor the PCBs for their formula student project. We now leave it up to them to tell in their own words how the project went and what their experiences were.

Team member, Victor Angulo, wrote this to us:

Dear Claudio,

I”m glad you supported us. I will comment a bit on this season and the first competition of the year that was in Silverstone (United Kingdom) from 10th to 13th of July.

Thanks to the hard work of the team we managed to finish the car two months before the competition, so we were able to test the car and to find the best set up for the different tests in the competition.

Once we were in Silverstone, we passed technical inspections first time right. Here the judges check that the car complies with all the rules of the competition (there are many and some of them very hard, especially in the electrical part). If one car does not comply with some rule, the judges prohibit it from racing. We didn”t have any problem here so before the dynamic events, we did the static ones.

To sum up, the static events consists of 3 parts:

  • Cost event (demonstrate that the budget, materials and manufacturing methods are correct to make a car in series)
  • Design event (judges justify the design of the different parts of vehicle, teach test for viability etc.)
  • Business Case presentation (present a business case for making the car, employees, salaries, profit etc.)

We did very well on these three parts and after that we went to de dynamic events.

We did a very good performance in the dynamic events, mainly thanks to the time we had already tested in Bilbao and the reliability of the drive system. However, in last event (the Endurance) we had to retire on lap 5 out of 22 because the union between a piece of carbon fiber and aluminum failed in the suspension.

It was a shame, but still, thanks to the results of the static and dynamic we reach position 32 out of 100 teams in the competition. Being the top of the Spanish teams that competed.

When we returned from Silverstone, we analyzed and fixed the problem in the suspension and we are already testing the car again in the track to get it ready for our next competition, Formula Student Spain (28th- 31st August). Our goal there is still to be the best team in the country and compete face to face to European teams, where the formula student has been seated many years.

I take this opportunity to send some photos of the official presentation of the car. I  also send you some photo that are more difficult to see, where we can see the battery packs and some of the PCB we have taken this year from  Eurocircuits. Thanks to them, we have a very reliable battery packs and our improvement in this from last year has been enormous, thank you very much for trusting us.

We are very happy with you products, and for this reason, next year we hope to work with Eurocircuits again. Also we would be happy to expand, more if possible, the collaboration you have with us.  We appreciate your help a lot. That such an important company like yours wants to collaborate with us is something that we want to care.

Best regards

Victor Angulo

There is really little more we can add to that and we are proud that we can support these guys.

Eurocircuits as sponsor of UCL at Eurorobot.

Eurocircuits have been supporting the UCL teams at the Eurorobot competition. The teams have been very successful recently.

The following movie gives an overview of their achievements.


One of the teams sent us the following mail:

From: Julien gerardy

Sent: maandag 20 april 2015 16:01

To: Matthieu Samain

Subject: Eurobot – Résultats


L”aventure Eurobot continue pour nous car nous allons aux finales européennes en Suisse!

Nous vous remercions pour l’aide que vous nous avez apportée tout au long de l’année et qui nous a permis de gagner la coupe de Belgique ce weekend.

Encore merci,

La team Rambot.

PS: les autres équipes UCL que vous avez aidées ont fini 2ème, 3ème et 5ème au concours.