Firmware – electronics design digital magazine

Subscribe to “Firmware” electronics design digital magazine through your Eurocircuits account. “Why are Eurocircuits offering a link to a third-party technical journal? I thought you made printed circuit boards?” As specialist prototype and small batch PCB manufacturers, we see our role as more than just making PCBs. Our goal is “added-value service”. We recognise that […]

Eurocircuits serving the engineering community

An assembly solution for the wider electronics engineering community At Eurocircuits we are already well-known for our powerful offer manufacturing prototype and small batch PCBs for electronics engineers. We have already extended this back into the design process with our links to EAGLE and to Altium. But what about assembly? We are often asked if […]

Eurocircuits – what about marketing?

Eurocircuits marketing strategy Historical background For our first 10 years we subscribed to the sales pitch “you name it, we make it”. This was an expensive strategy which required heavy investment in plant, processes and expertise. By 2000 – 2001 there was little or no added-value margin left to sustain the investment; the recession and […]

Eurocircuits Then and Now

The Eurocircuits website – Then and Now – From website to online ERP system We have come a long way, the simple website we launched to let customers calculate and order the PCBs online has grown into a complete ERP system now. But the initial philosophy to create one unique platform where all information is […]

Eurocircuits Sales figures 2011

Presentation of the sales results 2011 Sales 2011 was a good year. For the first time our PCB turnover exceeded 15M€. The total consolidated group turnover including equipment sales amounts to 16.9M€. Overall sales increased 3.57% against 2010. Our online pooling services showed a healthy growth in sales value of 14.14 %. The turnover evolution […]

Eurocircuits – healthy results for 2011 – and that’s not just the MD

Eurocircuits annual sales meeting took place in Mechelen 11 – 13 January. Luc Smets and Dirk Stans, Managing Partners, opened the meeting with a summary of the company”s results for 2011 which showed a healthy growth in turnover, number of orders and number of customers. They also outlined new developments for 2012 which will significantly enhance the […]

Elsyca Intellitool Matrix plating project

Eurocircuits”role in the project sets a new competitive standard Making efficient pooling panels belongs to the core business of Eurocircuits. It is a necessity to ensure cost-effective production of prototypes or small batches. Eurocircuits started as a trader of printed circuit boards in 1991. Soon after, in 1993 we got involved in production. It has […]

Lean production project in Eurocircuits Kft – Eger – Hungary

Why lean production? Our main target is reducing waste (time is a major waste) in the production and better (faster) serve our customers. The first step – “clear the clouds” We first needed to learn to see the real nature of our production processes. We learn to look through “lean glasses” to recognise the biggest […]