How is the Corona Crisis Affecting Us?

Dear Eurocircuits Customer,

In support of government regulations all over Europe we are taking actions to limit the spread of the Coronavirus whilst at the same time continuing to support and provide our services to you.

On this page you will find a daily update on our situation and the information we receive from courier companies who are responsible to deliver your goods.

Customer Support

Contact Details – click here

Belgian Head Office

  • Minimum 1 person will be in the office during normal office hours (limited accessibility by telephone)
  • All other colleagues are working from home
  • Contact with Eurocircuits is guaranteed online (chat and e-mail)
  • Request a call back by chat/mail is possible
  • Continuity is guaranteed as everyone is working in isolation

European Local Offices

  • Hungary – OK
  • Germany – OK
  • France – OK
  • UK – OK
  • Italy – OK
  • Spain – OK

Eurocircuits Aachen GmbH – Germany

  • Material supply : currently sufficient stock to continue production
  • Workforce :  no known COVID-19 cases.
  • Capacity :  100 % capacity usage
  • Necessary measures for social distancing , disinfection and responsible care are in place

Eurocircuits Kft – Hungary

  • Material supply : currently sufficient stock to continue production
  • Workforce :  no known COVID-19 cases.
  • Capacity :  76 % capacity usage
  • Necessary measures for social distancing , disinfection and responsible care are in place

CAM Engineering – Data Preparation

PCB Planet – India

  • The government of India’s lockdown measures announced Monday 23rd of March, early in the morning, are 24H later extended till March 31st.  On March 24 the lockdown was extended to the whole of India for a period of 21 days. (article in the Indian Economical Times)
  • Starting from no engineers Monday (23rd) morning after being sent home by the authorities, we managed to install a team of engineers working from home. From the 26th on they are again working in 3 shifts.
  • Sufficient capacity is now in place to process the current flow of incoming orders, quotation requests, assembly data sets and component database updates.
  • We request customers to check their data with PCB Visualizer before placing orders. There might be a delay in processing your order/basket item if it does not have a green flag. This could be due to possible data issues or that your data has not yet been processed through the PCB Visualizer. You are always able to check any data issues using the PCB Visualizer / PCB Checker and then look for solutions yourself. Once your order/basket item has a green flag, data preparation will run smoothly. For orders with documentation issues the preparation time will be much longer for now.


All invoicing is switched to digital delivery of PDF invoices for now


  • Finished boards are shipped even if the delivery is not due yet. We expect increasing problems in the logistic flow and want to anticipate it.
  • Restrictions and delays for some geographical areas are already happening. We will monitor the situation day-by-day together with our logistic partners, UPS, Fedex and TNT.
    Due to restrictions imposed upon our courier partner, some geographical areas might suffer difficulties with deliveries. Due to this it might be useful to change your delivery address for a specific order.
    We explain below how to do this.
    It may also be useful to check the list below that indicates which geographical areas may have logistical restrictions. This information comes from our courier partners and will be updated daily. This information is also used to issue a warning on the checkout screen if necessary for your area.
  • It may be that after you have launched an order, your company goes in lock-down and deliveries are no longer possible. In that case you can postpone the delivery date of your order.
    We explain below how to do this.
  • Shipments to Italy are suspended. We ship only after we receive confirmation from the customer that they can receive the packages. All Italian customers receive an email when an order is ready for shipment in our factories.

How to Postpone the Delivery Date?

From the moment that the order is in running orders and is in production, the order can be modified.

  • Go to “’running orders”
  • Select the order and click the black button “modify order”.
  • Click on “Postpone shipment date”
  • Now select a later shipment date than the original one.

How to Change a Delivery Address?

It’s possible to change the delivery address during the entire ordering process. We have defined 3 stages detailed below:

STAGE 1: The order has not been placed yet

This means that you want to add an extra shipping address to the list of available addresses to choose from when you place an order.

Only the power user can add addresses to your account. He can do this in the “manage profile” section of the account or while performing the “check out” of the order.

If you are not the power user and you don’t know who is, you can always contact our customer support for help.

STAGE 2: The order has been placed

Changing the delivery address for a running order is possible until the order status is “Ready for delivery ”.

How to do this?

  • Go to “’running orders”
  • Select the order and click the black button “modify order”.
  • Click on “Change delivery address”
  • Now select a different delivery address from the drop down list.

If you want to ship to an address, which is not yet appearing in this drop-down list, please contact the power user of the account. He can create a new delivery address in the “manage profile” part of his account so it will appear in the drop-down list.

STAGE 3: The order has been shipped.

Unfortunately, we can’t change the delivery address ourselves as the order is now in the hands of the courier service that will take care of the delivery.

However, there is a solution, if you need to change the delivery address after your order is shipped, please contact the customer service of the courier service directly.

How to do this?

In your Eurocircuits account, go to the order line and scroll to the very end. There you can find the tracking number of your order (in green). You can simply click on it to be transferred to the appropriate courier service.

Once on their site, you can find where your package is now and also all contact information.

Courier Anomaly List – Updated Daily