Rules to protect our workforce and contractors and to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

Eurocircuits needs to take actions to protect its employees and contractor against the Coronavirus and to prevent the spread of the infection. To enforce this, we have defined a set of rules that are in place in our European Manufacturing Plants:

  1. The rules for entering the company’s territory are these:

    1. Upon entry, everyone must first undergo a fever measurement and this will be recorded per person.
      If the body temperature of a person reaches 38°Cor more, then they are not allowed to enter the building and must leave immediately!
      A Eurocircuits employee facing this, will receive a health report in 2 copies with which the employee should inform his GP after arriving at home!
      Anybody showing signs of a simple cold or who is in doubt of himself without showing fever signs, should wear a mouth mask to protect others.
    2. Entering the PCB plant
      1. The fever check during shift change will be overlooked by the assistant technical manager
      2. Arriving outside shift changing times. The fever check will be done by the concierge
      3. While entering the building and waiting for the temperature measurement to be executed, a distance of 2m between persons should be assured
    3. Entering the Assembly plant
      1. Shift managers are responsible for temperature measurement, registration and enforcement of locker room rules.
    4. Entering the Mechanical plant
      1. Employees need to report to the entry of the PCB building first to have their temperature measured
  2. At the moment of change of shift:

    10 minutes before the end of each shift, shift managers should start guiding small groups of workers to the locker rooms and out of the building. If showering is not necessary, it should be omitted to avoid collisions with workers of the new shift. The goal is to avoid queues and to respect the social distance of 2m between persons. The assistant technical manager and the concierge service will overlook this process.

  3. Use of the social facilities:

    We limit the number of people being present in each room at the same time. The maximum number is indicated on the door of the premises. Once this number is reached, a “busy signs” must be placed on the door.
    In every room we have installed a disinfectant lotion. We ask that the commonly used tools, objects and surfaces be wiped as often as possible. Our cleaning staff also disinfects all of this, but they do not have enough capacity to do so continuously.

  4. Personal physical contact

    1. Personal physical contact should be avoided. Everyone should stay at his work area and only go to other areas if absolutely necessary.
    2. Transfer of people between the manufacturing plants shall be avoided.
    3. Transfer of goods between the manufacturing plants should be done quick and efficient while respecting the personal distance
    4. Conduct necessary conversations by phone, skype, or other means of communication.
    5. If an employee needs assistance, call the shift leader or the assistant technical manager
    6. Shared phones and devices are disinfected after each use or before the end of each shift should they be solely used by the same person during one shift. Personal phones and devices, are preferably also disinfected regularly and are not to be shared with others.
    7. Frequent ventilation of offices and common areas is important. Ventilation of 5 minutes per hour is a must!
    8. Our own chemists prepared disinfection lotion which can be used in all our facilities. It is not allowed to take these home as we have just enough to supply all our work places with this lotion.
  5. Social distancing

    1. In all circumstances, keep a distance of 2m from each other to minimise the risk of infection (work areas, common areas, kitchens, corridors, staircases, offices, reception, changing rooms, etc…).
    2. Let’s not go out together, let’s get used to driving (commuting), eating and smoking individually!
    3. Smoking rules are also changed. Do not use the designated smoking space. You are allowed to smoke, respecting a 2m distance between each other, in the parking lot. In any case the butts should be thrown into the dedicated bins!
      Be warned that the Coronavirus attacks the lungs. Smoking reduces the lung’s capacity and functioning and therefore makes a smoker more vulnerable to the Coronavirus than non-smokers.
  6. Visitors

    1. Do not receive visitors or installers from other companies, only if this is unavoidable and absolutely necessary ( e.g. in the case of urgent machine repair).
    2. Non-crucial visits already scheduled must be cancelled or moved to a later date!
    3. Any visitor that wants to enter one of our buildings, shall be fever tested like all other persons and must be presented with the rules stipulated in this document.
  7. Post, Couriers and Suppliers

    1. Make contact only to the extent necessary for the delivery of goods and and always keep a distance of 2m and make no physical contact for signing of documents etc…
    2. Use gloves to receive goods or post.
    3. Disinfect post and goods or put them in quarantine for 72 hours if that is possible.
    4. Note that these logistics persons are in contact with a high number of people as a result of their job. Although they also take sanitary measures, the chances of transfer of infection are higher.
    5. In any case we should keep these people outside our buildings at all times.
    6. We must always show respect for these people as without their effort, our factories could not remain open.

It is very important to respect the general precautions that were already in place:

  • Thorough and regular washing of hands, preferably with alcohol-based hand disinfectant or soap and water
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • Keep a distance of at least 2 meters to others
  • If you cough or sneeze, cover your nose and mouth with a paper handkerchief, then throw it away and wash your hands
  • Avoid body contact such as: handshake, hug, or kiss, which can easily cause the virus to spread. Wash hands thoroughly after unavoidable contact.
  • Avoid contact with any person showing signs of fever
  • Workplace hygiene rules must be respected and regular disinfection of those is necessary
  • Avoid any contact with people from infected countries
  • Warn others should they are in breach of any rule
  • Pay close attention to strengthening your immune system, eg. take enough vitamins, …
  • Away from Eurocircuits:
    • Do not come into contact with infected persons
    • Do not eat meat and dairy products of raw or unknown origin
    • Avoid crowded places
    • Avoid travelling to the affected areas
    • Breath fresh air and exercise your body

It is in our common interest to avoid infection and to do our best to preserve the health of our employees and their family members.

Let’s make sure everyone follows the above rules.