I forgot to order a stencil. Can I still do it later?

You can order Stencils even after you have checked out and placed the order for the PCB, first Sign In to you account.

Then select “CALCULATE AND ORDER” from the menu list on the left-hand side and then select “Order stencils”. Next select “Price calculator” in the “Stencil order for an existing/ordered PCB” option.

Order Stencils - web

This will open a new window, click on the “Select” button corresponding to the order for which you would like to order Stencils.
 Select Job Order Stencils - web
The “Stencil service” window will open, here you fill in the details for the Stencil(s) you wish to order and click the “Add to basket” button and follow the instruction.
Stencil service - web