In our website, documents and e-mail communication we use many technical terms as they are a part of the nature of our business. To simplify communication we also use abbreviations for many of these technical terms. Most of the technical terms and abbreviations are international standards in the Printed Circuit Board community. However to make it clear to everyone involved, we here present a list of technical terms and abbreviations used and their explanation. The order of items in this list is based on the order of their appearance in the Eurocircuits PCB calculator.

Definitions and short description  Supporting documents
1 PCB – Printed Circuit Board.  Tolerances on PCB
2 TOP – TOP side of the PCB.  10 rules for better data
3 BOTTOM – BOTTOM side of the PCB.
4 BUILDUP – PCB or Board buildup.  Buildup wizard and layer editor
5 LAYER – LAYER of the Printed Circuit Board.
6 OUTER – OUTER layer  Suggestions for naming your CAD-data-files
7 INNER – INNER layer
8 HOLES – NPTH – Non Plated Through Hole and PTH – Plated Through Hole.  The smallest possible distance between two holes
9 VIA – via hole.
10 SMD – Surface Mount Device.
11 CORE – core or rigid copper laminated base material  PCB multilayer fabrication – lay-up and bond
12 PREPREG – prepreg or unprocessed copper free base material
13 FR-4 – Fiberglass Reinforced – Flame Retardant base material  How often can you raise a Eurocircuits PCB to lead-free soldering temperature
14 Delivery format  Guidelines for customers that opt for the Eurocircuits standard panel
15 eC-registration-compatible.  More on eC-registration
16 Stencil – stainless steel template for applying solder paste onto the board  Laser stencil production video     –     Use of screen printer video    –    How to order a stencil ?
17 Panel border – of a customer panel  Customer panel guidelines
18 Panel without cross outs.  Panel editor
19 PCB spacing – space between PCBs in a customer panel
20 PCB separation method – on a customer panel  Panel instructions – V-cut basics
21 Panel outline.
22 Board Thickness.
23 Tg – material Tg.
24 Copper foil  PTH process video
25 Extra PTH run.
26 Extra press cycles
27 Blind and buried via  Blind and buried vias
28 Cu –copper
29 TW – Track width  PCB Classification – pattern class and drill class
30 TT – Track to Track
31 TP – Track to Pad
32 PP – Pad to Pad
33 Finished hole size
34 PHD – Production hole diameter
35 OAR – Outer Annular Ring
36 IAR – Inner Annular Ring
37 IPI – Inner Layer Pad Insulation
38 Hole Density
39 SM-Solder mask
40 Legend
41 Any leadfree finish  Which surface finish fits your design
42 HAL -leadfree
43 Ch Ni/Au or ENIG ( electroless nickel immersion gold)  Soldermask on via-holes in case of chemical Nickel-Gold surface finish
44 Milling  Slots and cut-outs
45 Bare board testing
46 Short
47 Open
48 Leakage
49 UL-marking  What about UL ?
50 Peel-able mask
51 Carbon contacts
52 Specific tolerances
53 Specific marking  Marking editor
54 Plated holes on the board edge  Copper and the board edge
55 Round edge plating  Copper and the board edge
56 Copper up to the board edge  Copper and the board edge
57 Press-fit holes
58 Chamfered mechanical holes or countersunk holes
59 Depth routing
60 Edge connector gold surface  Gold plating for edge connectors
61 Edge connector beveling
62 Heat sink paste
63 Via Filling  IPC-4761 via protection type classification
64 Plating index  Plating simulation – our new tool for PCB designers
65 Warp and Twist  Bow and Twist in printed circuits
66 Fiducial
67 Micro-section of a PTH
68 Delivery term
69 Shipment date  Info on shipping.
70 Board surface
71 Order surface
72 Net price
73 Gross price
74 Single PCB or Single Panel price
75 Boards price
76 Total price  Info on invoicing and payment

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