Questions related to the logistics.

I forgot to order a stencil. Can I still do it later?

You can order Stencils even after you have checked out and placed the order for the PCB, first Sign In to you account.

Then select “CALCULATE AND ORDER” from the menu list on the left-hand side and then select “Order stencils”. Next select “Price calculator” in the “Stencil order for an existing/ordered PCB” option.

Order Stencils - web

This will open a new window, click on the “Select” button corresponding to the order for which you would like to order Stencils.
 Select Job Order Stencils - web
The “Stencil service” window will open, here you fill in the details for the Stencil(s) you wish to order and click the “Add to basket” button and follow the instruction.
Stencil service - web

Where is my order? What do order status names mean?

To track the status of your order first Sign In to your Eurocircuits account.

Select “CALCULATE AND ORDER” from the left-hand side menu and then select  “View running orders”.

This will open a window with a list of all your running order and provide information such as Order number, PCB name, order Status and expected Shipment date etc.

Running Orders

To check status of your order first check the box next to the order number, then select either the “History” button at the top of the window or click directly on the status in the order row.

Running order status - web

This will open a pop-up window where you able to see the status or your order, select the “Back”button to return to the “Running orders”overview.

Running Order history window - web

For a definition of the text in the “Status” column select the “Status details” button at the top of the window.

Status details selection - web

A pop-up window will open listing all the definitions will be displayed.

Status details - web

How are delivery times calculated?

Delivery terms is actually the number of days after we start production your PCB’s they are Shipped from our factory.

The Delivery term starts the day after receiving the order, this is seen as starting at 00H00, thus if you order at 23H15 the Delivery term will start at 00H00 of the following day.

Working days are Monday to Friday inclusive and excluding Public holidays.

  • If a 3 day Delivery term is selected and the order placed at 22H00 on Monday, then the PCB’s will be Shipped on Thursday.
  • IF a 3 day Delivery term is selected and the order placed on a Wednesday then the PCB’s will be Shipped on the Monday.

The above applies providing the order was not stopped due to documentation, data or other issues.

How does Eurocircuits deliver? Charge for delivery?

Delivery is usually via a courier service, though other methods may be used as applicable.

The cost of delivery is based on the estimated weight of the finished order and is calculated at moment the order is placed.

For further information please see section 5 “Delivery” in our Terms of Sales.

How do I place a repeat order?

To place a repeat order first Sign In to your account.

The select “CALCULATE AND ORDER” from the left-hand side menu, then select “Order repeats/view history” from the menu. This will display a history of your orders.

Repeat order - web

To “Order a repeat” simply check the box on the left of the row for the specific PCB,  then select the “Order a repeat” button at the top of the window.

Repeat order select - web

This will open the PCB Visualizer where you can review the details and prices etc.

Repeat order PCB Config - web

Once everything is correct select the “Add to basket”button and continue instructed.

Ho do I upload new data to resolve an issue?

There are two cases that might require new PCB data to be uploaded or sent:

  • The order is in “exception overview”. You can upload a new dataset via “view details” and using the button “modify”.
    The instructions are also given in the exception document which you can download to review all data issues.
  • The order is in “preproduction approval”.  You can only solve the data issues by delivering a new PCB dataset thus you must reject the Eurocircuits proposed solution. Proceed as follows:
    • Reject the approval and explain in the message that you will send new data and why. Then send us the data right away and we will upload them for you.
    • Need more time to redesign? Then we will move the order to “exception overview”. From there you can change many parameters and upload a new PCB dataset when ready. The delivery term will be recalculated as soon as the modification and data upload is done.

See also: what happens if there is a problem with my data?

How can I add/change my Purchase References (PO)?

You can add or change the purchase reference for an item in your shopping basket or for a running order until the status of the order says “Production Finish”.  How to do this?

  • Go to your shopping basket or to the list of your running orders
  • Select the item or order and click the black button “edit administrative details”.
  • Now you can add your references.

It is important that these fields are activated to be shown in your account (sometimes they are hidden). If only the PCB name appears, please contact the power user of the account. He can activate these fields. (He can do this via “manage profile”).

Can I change the Order Quantity? Change the delivery date? Cancel my order? Upload new data?

This depends of the status of your order.

If the preparation of the data is already finished or if the order is in production, no changes are possible anymore.

The fastest way to make the modification is through your online account:

  • Go to your “running order” list.
  • Select the order by checking the box on the left.
  • Click the black button “modify order” on top of the page (Important tip: don’t do this by clicking on the PCB Visualizer, no changes can be saved via PCB Visualizer for a running order !).
  • The system will tell you if the order can still be modified.
  • If possible (after clicking on “modify specifications”) this order will automatically be “cancelled” and will be placed back in your shopping basket. (Important: the order is not processing anymore)
  • In your shopping basket, you can then modify the order details, delivery term and/or upload a new dataset using PCB Visualizer if you like
  • Check out the item again to re-order and verify if it re-appears now in your list of “running orders”. If it does, it will have a new order number and you will be sure it is back in process.

Can I change the delivery Address?

Changing the delivery address for a running order is possible until the status of the order says “Production Finish”.  How to do this?

  • Go to “’running orders”
  • Select the order and click the black button “modify order”.
  • Now select a different delivery address from the drop down list.

If you want to ship to an address, which is not yet appearing in this dropdown list, please contact the power user of the account. He can create a new delivery address in this dropdown list. (He can do this via “manage profile”).

Can I verify the production data before Eurocircuits starts manufacturing?

Pre-production approval – a customer request for reassurance

Not sure about your artwork or how our engineers will interpret it? Sometimes your data files may contain features that our automated PCB Visualizer process cannot recognise. Or you may be worried that your first layout is not quite right. Whatever your concern, we can give you the reassurance you need. Set up an approval step for the production-ready data for your board just before it goes into physical manufacture. As soon as our engineers have completed their checks, we will send you an e-mail to advise you that the production files are ready and waiting for your approval.

To set up a pre-production approval: go to “running orders” in your account and select a “request pre-production approval”. You can do this for every order in your running order list that has not yet reached the status “panelise” (from status panelise on it’s too late).

The order will now also be listed under “pre-production approval overview” in the main menu (left column) in your account. The item is still in analysis, so not yet ready to verify the data.

After preparation, the production-ready job goes into the customer’s pre-production approval (PPA) folder – “items ready for your approval”. You will receive our e-mail and need only 1 click to send the job on for manufacture. How?

  • Go to “preproduction approval” – the status of your order is “waiting for your approval”.
  • Click the orange button “review for approval
    • Have a closer look in PCB Visualizer: our production data of your PCB or customer panel is displayed on your screen (especially check technical options like internal milling, customer panel layout and other specifics).
  • Then you decide to “approve” or “reject”:
      • If approved, the order will be moved directly to our production panel section, no changes are possible after that.
      • If rejected, do the following of two options
        • write clearly why in the comments section and our people will receive your message and will check how to proceed next
        • or upload a new data set after which your order is processed further through the exception flow