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The Power of Generic Parts

Dealing with High Frequencies - Featured Image

Dealing with High Frequencies

Manufacturing IOT Devices

Avoiding Connectors and Flex to Install

Dissipating Heat


Newsletter May 2022 – Evaluating Data Made Easy


Newsletter March 2022 – Tools to Help Designers – The Buildup Editor


Looking Forward to 2022

Friss hírek a magyarországi gyárunkban keletkezett tűzről (2021.10.27.)

Update on fire in our Hungarian Factory (27/10/21)


Newsletter Oct. 2021 – Global Semiconductor Shortage


Submitting a PCB: The Cool Off Period and other Techniques


News June 2021 – Impedance Calculations


Eurocircuits Responds to the World-wide Electronic Components Shortage


What is Virtual Manufacturing

Assembled Prototype PCBs from Data to Delivery in 6 Days

Assembled Prototype PCBs from Data to Delivery in 6 Days   Eurocircuits new 3+3 Service offers you lightning fast Assembled prototype PCBs delivered in 6 days. Why do we call this service 3+3? Well that’s easy we need 3 days to manufacture the bare boards and then 3 days to assemble them. Our growth in […]

A Internet das Coisas (Idc)

English Version                       Version en español   A Internet das Coisas (Idc) é a conectividade da Internet com dispositivos e objetos do cotidiano. Um dispositivo IoC é algo com dispositivos eletrônicos integrados, conectividade à Internet e outros tipos de hardware (como detectores ou controladores). Estes […]

Internet de las cosas (IoC)

English Version                       Versão portuguesa   Internet de las cosas (IoC) es la conectividad de Internet a dispositivos y objetos cotidianos. Un dispositivo IoC es algo con dispositivos electrónicos integrados, conectividad a Internet y otros tipos de hardware (como detectores o controladores). Estos dispositivos pueden […]

Internet of Things

Version en español                       Versão portuguesa   The Internet of things (IoT) is the Internet connectivity to devices and everyday objects. An IoT device is something with embedded electronics, Internet connectivity and other types of hardware (such as detectors or controllers). And these devices can […]

eC-reflow-mate v4 Promotion

eC-reflow-mate v4 Promotion   Have you ever needed to build a prototype PCB at the last minute, the first one failed but you’ve identified the problem and with a small manual modification to the circuit on your spare PCB you could prove it works! The problem is soldering the components to the PCB, you could […]

PCB Prototypes on a 5 Day Delivery for a 7 Day Price

We have changed our standard delivery terms for our PCB Proto and NAKED Proto services from, 7-days to 5-days and the best part is, you now have a 5-day delivery of your PCB Prototypes at the same price as a 7-day delivery. Why not check out our prices now, its quick, easy and free.  

Press Release September 2018 – Right First Time with PCBA Visualizer

The Layer Editor

Tips and Tricks – Solder Paste Editor

Solder Paste Editor – another smart tool available in your customer account It has long been established that the quality of your assembled product has many influencing factors, design layout, material quality, component accuracy etc but many process engineers will argue that the first process is the most critical, the Solder Paste application. For many […]

IMS pool now with enhanced base material

We have upgraded the Insulated Metal Substrate type we use in our IMS pool service More powerful LED applications demand an increased focus on thermal management. More powerful LEDs produce more heat and temperature rise has an impact on the short-term function of a LED part such as colour shift and reduced light output. The […]

Eurocircuits offers a solution to Via’s in Pads

Eurocircuits offers a solution to Via’s in Pads Since the beginning electronic designers and production have always locked heads, designers wanting to making everything smaller and smaller and more and more cost effective, unfortunately this is sometimes counterproductive to both the PCB manufacturer and assembler, resulting in a comprise on both sides and often affecting […]

eC-reflow-mate-V4 – a nice Christmas gift for an electronics engineer

Eurocircuits’ PCBA Services – resistors and capacitors for free!

eC-TV – Drill & slot editor – a free and useful PCB Visualizer tool

Eurocircuits launch 5 working day PCB Assembly prototype service in the UK

  Eurocircuits launch 5 working day PCB Assembly prototype service in the UK Since end 2016 we have been informing you about our PCBA Visualizer tool. The final extension of these tools is of course the efficient and smooth production of assembled prototypes. To test this flow we have just now launched it in the UK […]

Printed Circuit Board Assembly services – launch plan

Eurocircuits launch 5 working day PCB Assembly prototype service

Eurocircuits launch 5 working day PCB Assembly prototype service at the Electronics Design show, Coventry, 18th & 19th October stand L46 Since launching the Eurocircuits’ PCB prototype services and PCB Visualizer tool customers immediately saw the benefit to their prototype and small series PCB requirements, providing a 24hr ordering possibility, fast and high quality, immediate […]

Eurocircuits – Tips & Tricks – Order status and timeline

Eurocircuits – Tips & Tricks – Order status and timeline. One of the many compelling reason to use Eurocircuits is that we only sell what we make. We made the decision over 20 years ago, that for us to provide the highest quality service, then we must have complete control over the entire process. This […]

Eurocircuits Tips & Tricks – Pre-Production Approval

Eurocircuits product news – Pre-Production Approval Sometimes your data files may contain features that our automated PCB Visualizer process cannot recognize. Or you may be worried that your first layout is not quite right. Whatever your concern, we can give you the reassurance you need. You can do this by Setting up an approval step […]

Eurocircuits releases eC-reflow-mate V4

Eurocircuits product news – eC-reflow-mate V4 released As you know, here at Eurocircuits we are continuously working hard to bring Services, tools and equipment to the Electronics design market to provide for the prototype and small series electronics market. Services to offer great quality PCBs and Solder Paste Stencils. Tools in the form of PCB […]


Eurocircuits Tips & Tricks – Outline editor Often we are contacted through our online chat or e-mail saying “I have uploaded my data but PCB Visualizer is not showing my holes inside the board” or “I have a message – no outline detected“. These are common questions occurring because PCB Visualizer cannot automatically determine these […]

Eurocircuits presents PCB Assembly Visualizer

Eurocircuits launches SMS messaging for time critical orders !

Eurocircuits launches SMS messaging for time critical orders Whenever you are in need of a very fast turn around time for your PCB order or when you have a critical delivery to be made and you want full instant control of the production flow of your board, you can initiate SMS-massaging for your order. By […]

Pooling Conditions No Longer Met!

USB – programmer and debug adapter

The difference between Production and Prototype quality and how to bridge the gap?

How can Eurocircuits offer a competitive prototype service?

IMS pool PCB forms the basis of the “vlak” ambient light.

Eurocircuits Technical Update: eC-equipment deal – eC-Xmas tree

The Eurocircuits team wish you a merry Christmas with good health and every success in 2016. eC-equipment new products winter discount deal Order an eC-placer or eC-test-mate either combined in a single order with each other or with an eC-stencil-mate, an eC-reflow-mate, an eC-preheater or an eC-fume-extractor , and we will give a 10% discount […]

Eurocircuits Technical Update: eC-placer camera-assisted manual pick and place machine

eC-placer – camera-assisted manual pick and place machine The new eC-placer provides a precision PCB assembly solution at a price suited to prototypes and small series. Users of our eC-stencil-mate solder-paste printer and eC-reflow-mate reflow oven report significant savings in time and cost. eC-placer boosts these savings to give yet more help to designers in […]


New outline repair tool – healthier soldering – sponsoring student projects

Outline Editor – new PCB Solver repair tool PCB Solver is a range of online repair tools to help you fix the most common production data issues before you place your order. Use the PCB Solver repair tools before ordering to avoid delivery delays help reduce board costs save valuable design time – and designer […]

Outline/Milling Editor – PCB Solver tool updated

Eurocircuits Technical Update New Auto-repair functionality more online support

Auto-repair in PCB Visualizer – more robust PCBs faster Why use PCB Visualizer? Before you order we recommend that you upload your data-set and allow a few minutes for PCB Visualizer to analyse your data and report back any issues (missing files, data not matching the design-rule specifications of your chosen service, etc.). That way […]

New options for Chemical Nickel-Gold surface finish

New Auto-repair function in PCB Visualizer

Eurocircuits Technical Update – new home page, new service, EAGLE upgrades

New home page – better access to information and services – faster quotations We are constantly striving to make our website more informative and easier to navigate with more powerful functionality We have already streamlined the pricing and ordering procedures with built-in design-optimisation and data-checking tools to help you design lower-cost PCBs and avoid delivery […]

Eurocircuits Technical Update – faster PCBs – reflow upgrades

New exception handling speeds throughput We have always run 100% pre-production checks on customer data. That way we can be sure you will get the board you want on the day you want it. In the past if there were data or order issues (“exceptions”) we reported them back to the customer. He made the […]

Eurocircuits Technical Update – new pick and place unit unveiled

eC-placer unveiled Our new eC-placer is a camera-assisted manual pick and place unit. It offers fast set-up and precision placement at a price suited to prototype and small-series PCBs. eC-stencil-mate provides a fast integrated solution for precise solder-paste printing. eC-reflow-mate provides fully controlled reflow for optimum reliability. eC-placer completes the process with cost-effective and accurate […]

SEMI-FLEX pool – Flex to install

NAKED proto service – is no longer available since June 2019

Eurocircuits Technical Update – SEMI-FLEX pool and NAKED proto PCBs

SEMI-FLEX pool SEMI-FLEX pool offers cost-effective 4 layer, flex-to-install PCBs. Instead of two PCBs joined by connectors or cables, design a single SEMI-FLEX PCB and bend the flexible section at installation. Our 4-layer SEMI-FLEX PCBs use a 100 micron FR4 central core with two copper layers specially treated to flex during assembly without risk of […]

eC-stencil-mate and eC-reflow-mate: what our users say

Reflow soldering update: latest equipment, accessories, consumables

New PCB solutions for October 2014

New for October 2014: new options for BINDI pool medium-volume PCB pooling service eC-test-mate – fixtureless test equipment for assembled PCBs eC-pre-heater for easier hand-soldering and de-soldering See these features online or LIVE at our upcoming shows: Electronics Design Show 2014: 22 – 23 October 2014; Coventry UK SAVE Congres: 28 – 29 October; Verona, […]

PCBs with picture punch

PCBs with picture punch – give your PCBs visual impact and boost product sales. Use Eurocircuits’ new PCB PIXture function to print a graphic image on your PCB without affecting performance or function. PCB PIXture – personalizing your PCB Personalize your PCBs and make them stand out from the crowd. Use PCB PIXture for front […]

PCB PIXture launched

Interactive panelisation

Interactive on-screen panelisation – the latest functionality from Eurocircuits’s PCB Visualizer. Create and check your delivery panel format before you order. Panel editor – interactive on-screen panelisation Do you want to check your delivery panelbefore you place your order? Do you want to get the best circuit “fill” for your standard assembly panel? Do your […]

Panel Editor

Pre-production approval

CAN I VERIFY THE PRODUCTION DATA BEFORE EUROCIRCUITS STARTS MANUFACTURING? Pre-production approval – a customer request for reassurance Not sure about your artwork or how our engineers will interpret it? Sometimes your data files may contain features that our automated PCB Visualizer process cannot recognise. Or you may be worried that your first layout is […]

Custom marking – new RF PCB options

New functionality from Eurocircuits to speed up the design process for RF and non-RF PCBs. 1. Custom marking – a new PCB Visualizer function. Place the order number or UL logo where you want it. Define and place date codes, text and QR codes. 2. RF pool upgraded. New RF build options as requested by […]

Marking Editor

Buildup Wizard and Layer Editor – Updated

New timeline makes order tracking smarter

Your PCB Visualizer questions answered

Blind and buried via options

PCB Visualizer – the next level of intelligence

BINDI pool – Eurocircuits’ Asian alternative – spot on for you!

PCB Configurator

PCB Visualizer Logo

PCB Visualizer update 06/03/2013

PCB PIXture makes your boards stand out from the crowd !

How transport costs are calculated

RF pool – insights and details

The logic behind our new PCB Calculator

PCB services based on material choice

Pilot the eC-reflow-mate

PCB Calculator, now integrated with PCB Visualizer

No hidden tricks during the Eurocircuits PCB soldering workshops – all demonstrated materials are available in our shop

New generation eC-reflow-mate

PCB Visualizer update 06/02/2013

PCB Visualizer update 12/12/2012

Elektor news – Check your pcb design before ordering

PCB Visualizer update 27/11/2012

PCB Visualizer update 14/11/2012

PCB Checker release 24/10/2012

PCB Visualizer update 18/09/2012

PCB Visualizer update 10/09/2012

PCB Visualizer update 01/08/2012

PCB Visualizer update 19/07/2012

PCB Visualizer update 18/07/2012

PCB Visualizer update 17/07/2012

PCB Visualizer update 16/07/2012

PCB Visualizer update 11/07/2012

PCB Visualizer update 11/07/2012

All you need to know about PCB Visualizer

When should you put up your Christmas tree?

PCB Visualizer – PCB Checker update 27-11-2012

PCB Visualizer Logo

Why PCB Visualizer

PCB Visualizer very much appreciated – but you want more

PCB Visualizer – functionality extended

PCB Visualizer – your feedback

PCB Visualizer-release 1-beta

Visualize your PCB: fast and throughout the whole business process

Visual communication enhances PCB procurement: Eurocircuits goes visual Go visual – why? Go visual – what? PCBs – layout to finished board – the workflow Workflow step 1, option 1 – On demand price request If you upload your data to get an On demand price (Place inquiry with data), we run a full data […]

Large boards and pooling

Large boards and pooling – new guidelines Over the last 12 months we have received an increasing number of boards in our pooling services at the maximum size allowed 425 x 425 mm. These are not genuine single circuits but panels made up of many smaller circuits. To get around our specified maximum panel size […]

eC-solderstation, the next item in the eC-prototype-equipment range?

Why would we develop a solderstation? During our recent seminars on reflow soldering we had many questions about hand soldering as well. Of course there are many good hand soldering systems in the market today. But we would like to offer a soldering station designed specifically to meet the requirements of our prototype PCB customers. […]

Plating Simulation – our New Tool for PCB Designers

A simulation of the galvanic copper deposition in PCB manufacturing Before we manufacture a PCB, we carefully analyse the data we receive to catch any potential production issues which may affect the quality and the long-term reliability of the finished product. Any issues we find are reported back to the customer for discussion and resolution. […]

BINDI pool – Eurocircuits’ Asian alternative – spot on for you!

“BINDI pool” – Eurocircuits” Asian alternative with European assured quality Do you need medium-volume 2-layer PCBs – up to 12 sq.m (roughly 1600 circuits 100 x 80 mm)? Do you need Asian prices with European assured quality and delivery, plus European shipping rates and no customs delays? If so, you need Eurocircuits” new BINDI pool. […]