Our internal order numbers may be listed with special extensions.
Your original order is shown as E356112.

  • If we scrap some of your boards during production, we start a new order to make up the shortfall with the extension Px: E356112-E1
  • If a problem on a board in production is due to an error in our tooling, we correct the tooling and re-start the job with the extension Rx; E356112-R1
  • If you find an error on a board after delivery, then you can make a quality claim. If we accept the claim and re-start the order, we use the extension Cx: E356112-C1
  • If the error on the delivered boards is due to the data or instructions you have given us, we cannot accept the claim. However you can ask us to restart the job and provide us with the correct instructions and modified data. In this case the order is re-started with the suffix Mx: E356112-M1.