Technical terms that are frequently used in the Printed Circuit Board manufacturing industry.

To simplify communication Eurocircuits uses abbreviations for many of these technical terms. Most of the technical terms and abbreviations are international standards in the Printed Circuit Board manufacturing industry. However to make it clear to everyone involved, we here present a list of technical terms and abbreviations along with their explanation.

Short Description
Supporting Documents
1PCB Printed Circuit Board (also know as “the board”).Printed Circuit Board

Tolerances on PCB

2TOPTop side of the PCB.Top side of the PCB

10 Rules for Better Data

3BOTTOMBottom side of the PCB.Bottom side of the PCB

10 Rules for Better Data

4BUILDUPDefined build of a PCB such as number of layers an their sequence.PCB or Board Buildup

Buildup Wizard and Layer Editor

5LAYERIndividual layer of a PCB.LAYER of the Printed Circuit Board.
6OUTERThe Outer Layer(s) of the PCB either the TOP or BOTTOM side.OUTER Layer

Suggestions for Naming Your CAD-Data-Files

7INNERThe Inner Layer(s) of the PCB. INNER Layer

Suggestions for Naming Your CAD-Data-Files

8THROUGH HOLEA hole that goes through the PCB from the Top Layer through to the Bottom Layer.NPTH – Non Plated Through Hole and PTH – Plated Through Hole

PCB Design Guidelines – Drilled Holes

9VIA HOLESA hole that creates an electrically connected through the PCB.Via Hole

PCB Design Guidelines – Via Filling

10SMD or Surface Mount DeviceSurface mounted Device.Surface Mount Device
11COREA rigid base material laminate with copper on one or two sides.Core or Rigid Copper Laminated Base Material

PCB Multilayer Fabrication – Lay-up and Bond

12PREPREGAn unpressed base material without any copper foil.Prepreg or Unprocessed Copper Free Base Material

PCB Multilayer Fabrication – Lay-up and Bond

13FR4Fiberglass reinforced epoxy laminates that are Flame Retardant.Fibreglass Reinforced – Flame Retardant Base Material

How Often Can You Raise a Eurocircuits PCB to Lead-free Soldering Temperature

14DELIVERY FORMATThe method in which you ask Eurocircuits to produce and delivery your PCB design.Delivery Format

Guidelines for customers that opt for the Eurocircuits standard panel

15eC REGISTRATION COMPATIBLEPCB’s or Customer Panels that have the necessary Tooling Holes to be used with the Eurocircuits eC-stencil-mate or eC-stencil-fix equipment.eC-Registration Compatible

More on eC-registration

16STENCILStainless Steel template for applying Solder paste onto the board.Stainless Steel template for applying solder paste onto the board

Laser stencil production video

Use of screen printer video

How to Order a Stencil?

17PANEL BORDERExtra material around your PCB or multiple PCB’s to form a Customer Panel.Panel Border of a Customer Panel

Customer Panel Guidelines

18PANEL CROSS OUTSA Panel where defective PCB’s have been visually crossed out.Panel without Cross Outs

Panel Editor

19PANEL SPACINGThe PCB Spacing defines the extra space you want between different PCB’s on the Customer Panel.PCB Spacing on a Customer Panel
20PCB SEPARATION METHODPre-cut the boards in a Customer Panel for easy removal after assembly.PCB separation method – on a Customer Panel

Panel instructions – V-cut basics

21PANEL OUTLINEThe required contour of a Customer Panel.Panel Outline
22BOARD THICKNESSThe thickness given in mm based on the base materials used including copper foil.Board Thickness
23TgTg stands for Glass Transition Temperature and is one of the parameters of a base materials.Tg – material Tg
24COPPER FOILCopper Foils is the base copper thickness applied on OUTER and INNER layers.Copper Foil

PTH process video

25EXTRA PTH RUNWhen producing multilayers with Blind and Buried Via Holes, the panel may need to pass through the galvanic Plating process multiple times.Extra PTH run
26EXTRA PRESS CYCLESWhen producing Multi-layers with Blind and Buried Via Holes, additional Press Cycles may be required.Extra Press Cycles
27BLIND and BURIED VIA HOLESBlind Via connects an Outer Layer to one or more Inner Layers but does not go through the entire board. A Buried Via connects two or more Inner Layers but does not go through to an Outer Layer.Blind and Buried Via

Blind and Buried Via’s Blog

28CuCu is the chemical abbreviation for CopperCu -Copper
29TWThe Track Width is specified in mmTW – Track Width

PCB Classification for Pattern and Drill Class

30TTThe Track to Track spacing specified in mmTT – Track to Track
31TPThe Track to Pad spacing is specified in mmTP – Track to Pad
32PPThe Pad to Pad spacing specified in mmPP – Pad to Pad
33FINISHED HOLE SIZEThe finished hole size or ENDHOLE is the diameter that the PCB designer specifies in his PCB layout.Finished Hole Size
34PHD or TOOLSIZEThe diameter of the Tool used in production to drill the hole.PHD – Production Hole Diameter
35OAROuter Layer Annular RingOAR – Outer Annular Ring
36IARInner Layer Annular RingIAR – Inner Annular Ring
37IPIInner Layer Pad InsulationIPI – Inner Layer Pad Insulation
38HOLE DENSITYThe number of holes per dm² of the board surface.Hole Density
39SM or SOLDERMASKA protective layer of liquid photo image able lacquer applied on the TOP and BOTTOM side of a Printed Circuit Board.SM-Soldermask
40LEGENDText printed on top of the Soldermask.Legend
41LEAD FREE FINISHFinal finish applied to the soldering areas of the PCB to prevent oxidation and to them easier to solder.Any Lead Free Finish

Which surface finish fits your design

42HALHot Air Leveling Lead Free Tin (Sn)HAL Lead-Free
43Che Ni/Au or ENIGENIG, Electro less Nickel Immersion Gold, also called Che Ni/Au, chemical nickel gold or also known as soft gold.Ch Ni/Au or ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold)

Soldermask on via-holes in case of chemical Nickel-Gold surface finish

44MILLINGUsed to form the contour of the PCB’s or Panels.Milling

Slots and Cut-outs

45BARE BOARD TESTINGElectrical Testing of the non populated PCB.Bare Board Testing
46SHORTAn electrical connection between two or more nets or isolated points that should not be connected.Short
47OPENA discontinuity or non-connection within a net .Open
48LEAKAGEA type of short, sometimes referred to as a high-resistance short.Leakage
49UL MARKINGThe Underwriters Laboratory (UL)UL Marking

What about UL ?

50PEEL-ABLE MASKAlso know as Peel-off Mask is a protective coating that can be easily removed.Peelable Mask
51CARBON CONTACTSCarbon Ink normally used for keyboard contacts, LCD contacts and jumpers.Carbon Contacts
52SPECIFIC TOLERANCESTolerances that are required to meet specific design goals and are not within the latest Industrial Standard IPC A-600 (x) Class II.Specific Tolerances
53 SPECIFIC MARKINGS Customer specific markings such as logo, name, date code etc…Specific Marking

Marking Editor

54PLATED HOLES ON THE BOARD EDGEPlated through holes in the edge of the board.Plated Holes on the Board Edge

Copper and the Board Edge

55ROUND EDGE PLATINGThe edge of the board is plated with copper and then the final finish such as HAL.Round Edge Plating

Copper and the Board Edge

56COPPER UP TO THE BOARD EDGECopper is placed up to the very edge of the Board Contour.Copper up to the Board Edge

Copper and the Board Edge – Blog

57PRESS-FIT HOLESHoles designed for the press fit of component leads, usually connectors.Press-Fit Holes
58CHAMFERED MECHANICAL or COUNTERSUNK HOLESA beveled edge of a holes usually at 45 degrees.Chamfered Mechanical Holes or Countersunk Holes
59DEPTH ROUTINGRemoving a specific area of the Outer Layer of the PCB to a specific depth.Depth Routing
60EDGE CONNECTOR GOLD SURFACEA layer of gold plated to the fingers of the Edge Connector.Edge Connector Gold Surface

Gold Plating for Edge Connectors

61EDGE CONNECTOR BEVELINGReduce the square edge of the connector to a sloping edge to ease entry in to the socket.Edge Connector Bevelling
62HEATSINK PASTEA paste used too fill Via Holes that are designed for Thermal dissipation.Heatsink Paste
63VIA FILLINGThe filling of Via Holes with Resin or Soldermask.Via Filling

IPC-4761 Via Protection Type Classification

64PLATING INDEXThe density of the Copper distribution.Plating Index

Plating Simulation – our New Tool for PCB Designers

65WARP and TWIST The distortion of the PCB.Warp and Twist

Bow and Twist in Printed Circuits

66FIDUCIALAn Optical target.Fiducial
67MICRO SECTION of a PTHA cross section of a PTH Hole.Micro Section of a PTH
68DELIVERY TERMNumber of days required to manufacture.Delivery Term
69SHIPMENT DATE The date on which the order is shipped.Shipment Date

Info on Shipping

70BOARD SURFACEThe board surface area expressed in dm².Board Surface
71ORDER SURFACEThe total delivered PCB surface area of your order expressed in dm².Order Surface
72NET PRICEThe price excluding Taxes or VAT.Net Price
73GROSS PRICEThe price including VATGross Price
74SINGLE PCB or SINGLE PANEL PRICEThe price for one unit of the delivery format chosen in the calculator.Single PCB or Single Panel Price
75BOARD PRICEThe price includes the price for the PCB’s selected in the calculatorBoards Price
76TOTAL PRICE The price for all selected items.Total Price

Info on Invoicing and Payment