The PCB Manager screen helps you register PCBs that you want to test. It shows an overview of all PCBs that were added before with a brief description and the location of the files that belong to it. Here you can add, remove and edit PCBs and activate (“connect”) the Test Head(s) that are required for the testing of a selected PCB.

PCB Manager

  1. PCB Name
  2. PCB Description
  3. Directory for storing the Test Scripts belonging to the PCB
  4. PCB status
    • red flag = no Test Heads assigned or one or more Test Heads are not connected to the PC
    • white = assigned and Test Heads connected to the PC
    • green = assigned and connected to the PC
  5. Assigned Test Heads
    • no flag = not assigned and not connected to the PC,
    • red flag = assigned but not connected to the PC;
    • white flag = not assigned but connected to the PC;
    • green = assigned and connected to the PC)
  6. PCB Buttons to add, delete, edit, refresh, activate, import and export PCB’s