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The AzimUT team is a highly motivated, skilled, and disciplined team that is introducing rocketry to Twente. We are actively building and developing model rockets, with the goal of developing our own hybrid engine and reaching 1 kilometer of altitude as the first big milestone.

At the core of each rocket are the flight electronics which will record all the important data of the flight including, tilt angle, velocity, and altitude. The data logger will send data in real-time during the flight and store it for analysis later. The avionics circuitry will be responsible for the guidance, navigation, and control of the rocket throughout its flight. Moreover, this could be done by use of thrust vector control (TVC), where the angle of the thrust of the motor will vary depending on the tilt of the rocket.

Reliability is a key quality of the flight electronics, and thanks to Eurocircuits we are able to use robust PCBs in our rockets as well as prototype quickly. This helps to enhance the quality of our flight electronics with each design and helps us in achieving all the goals set for now and the future.



For more information, please visit Space Society Twente.

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