Eurocircuits uses these Base Materials in Production

  • FR4 Improved Mid Tg (NAKED proto, PCB proto, BINDI pool, STANDARD pool)
    • Web link IS400  (chosen at our discretion, or forced when selecting in advanced options)
    • NP155F  (chosen at our discretion)
    • R1755M  (chosen at our discretion)
  • FR4 Improved High Tg (STANDARD pool and SEMI-FLEX pool)
    • Web link  PCL370HR  (Non-poolable option in STANDARD pool chosen by Tg value 170-180°C, standard material for SEMI-FLEX pool)
  • Polytherm TC-Lam 2.0 (IMS pool)
    •  Tc-Lam 2.0  1500/100/35
      • Dielectric thickness is 100 micron
      • Used alloy is 5052
      • Protection film is PI (polyimide), film resistant to very high temperature stress >280 °C (for production purposes only)
    • I-Tera (RF pool)
      • I-TERA used in our services are 0.254mm and 0.508mm thick and have values for DK = 3,38 and DF = 00028 up to 20 GHz
    • Rogers 4000 series (RF pool)

Eurocircuits uses these Soldermasks in Production

Eurocircuits uses this Carbon-Conductive Ink in Production

eC-equipment – Bench Top Prototype Soldering Equipment

Eurocircuits Production Units – Quality Labels

  • Eurocircuits Kft.
    UL File: E142920
    UL certificate: Download  here
    ISO 9001 certificate: Download here
  • Eurocircuits Aachen GmbH.
    UL File: E83558
    UL certificate: Download here and  here
    ISO 9001:2015 certificate: Download here
  • Eurocircuits India Limited
    UL File: E466121
    UL certificate: Download  UL certificate  here

Eurocircuits Group Statements

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