Base Materials

FR4 Improved Mid Tg

Used for: PCB proto, STANDARD pool, PCB4Maker, BINDI pool

  •  IS400 – (chosen at our discretion, or forced when selecting in advanced options)
  • NP155F – (chosen at our discretion)
  • R1755M – (chosen at our discretion)

FR4 Improved High Tg

Used for: SEMI-FLEX pool and Non-poolable option in STANDARD pool (chosen by Tg value 170-180°C)

Isola FR406N

Used for: SEMI-FLEX pool (No-Flo and Lo-Flo Prepreg)

Polytherm TC-Lam 2.0

Used for: IMS pool

  • Tc-Lam 2.0 1500/100/35
    • Dielectric thickness is 100 micron
    • Used alloy is 5052
    • Protection film is PI (polyimide), film resistant to very high temperature stress >280 °C (for production purposes only)
    • Polytherm – General Brochure


Used for: RF pool

  • I-TERA
    • 0.254mm and 0.508mm Thick
    • DK = 3,38 and DF = 00028 at 10 GHz

Rogers 4000 series

Used for: RF pool

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Compliance Statements

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DRU’s, Guidelines & Templates

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(Solderpaste Printer)


(Manual Pick&Place Aid)


(Chamber Reflow Oven)


(PC Software for the eC-reflow-mate)


(Fume Extraction System)


(Heating Plate for Manual Soldering)


((Fixtureless Functional Tester)

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Heatsink Paste

From our supplier Peters

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Quality Labels

ISO Certifications

ISO 9000:2015 Certification

  • Eurocircuits Kft.: Download Certificate here
  • Eurocircuits Aachen GmbH.: Download Certificate here

ISO 14001:2015 Certification

  • Eurocircuits Aachen GmbH.: Download Certificate (EN) here or Certificate (DE) here


  • Eurocircuits Aachen GmbH.: Download Certificate(DE)  here

UL Certification

UL File: E142920

Valid for: The Eurocircuits Group

    • Eurocircuits Kft (Hungary)
    • Eurocircuits Aachen GmbH (Germany)

UL Certificate for Single Sided PCB: Download here

UL Certificate for Multilayer PCB: Download here

Information – What about UL? Read more…

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From our supplier Sun Chemicals

Eurocircuits Kft – Eger Hungary

Eurocircuits Aachen GmbH – Baesweiler Germany

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Solder Pastes

From our supplier SMIC
  • M705-LFAC19 – Lead-free for paste jetting in Eurocircuits Kft – Eger Hungary.
  • M705-ULT369 – Lead-free for screen printing in Eurocircuits Kft – Eger Hungary.

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Page Update History

28/06/2023 – Update Compliance section with single document containing all declarations and certificates of compliance

10/05/2023 – I-Tera Data Sheet Replaced

26/04/2023 – New IMC6000 Series Date Sheet Added

05/04/2023 – Updated Conflict Mineral Declaration

13/09/2022 – New ISO-14001:2015 Certificate added, New ISO Audit added for Eurocircuits Aachen added

22/04/2021 – New ISO 9001 certificate for Eurocircuits Kft

21/01/2020 – Added – Solderpaste M705-LFAC19

21/01/2020 – Added – Solderpaste M705-ULT369

06/05/2020 – Updated – UL Certification

12/05/2021 – Updated – UL Certificate

07/10/2021 – TSCA Certificate of Compliance Added

07/07/2022 – REACH Declaration updated

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