In this year’s car, BCN eMotorsport has changed most of the electronics system. The reason is that we have built a fusion car. A car that can be both driven by a pilot and autonomously, but still be competitive.

Reasonably, this has been a lot of work, and we’ve needed many new PCBs. Eurocircuits has provided us with most of them, and we are very satisfied with the obtained results.


In this season we have taken part in three competitions: Formula Student Czech, Formula Student Germany, and Formula Student Spain. We have had the opportunity to show the potential of our prototype in the manual and driverless modalities, as well as the discipline and work ethics of our team. Most importantly, it is now clear what we have to work on for what’s to come.

The electronics haven’t failed not even once, which proves that our design has been really well thought out, as it is common to encounter unexpected problems when developing new PCBs.


Eurocircuits helps the team with other projects that the Electronics department works for. For example, right now the team is working on a Battery Management System (BMS) for the new high voltage battery that will be used for the new car, CAT15x. This PCB is key for the performance of the new car and its reliability.

Without any doubt, Eurocircuits is a key sponsor which helps the team go to the competitions and give our best season after season.

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