Centaurus Racing Team – Amphion


Centaurus Racing was formed back in 2009 by 6 undergraduate students that had the dream of studying, designing and manufacturing a fully operational race car. Since then, Centaurus Racing Team has manufactured 6 race cars.

The team’s race car history consists of Chiron, Nessus, Nessus R, Thireus, Thireus R and the latest model, Amphion.

This year, Centaurus Racing Team completes 10 years of operation. Over the past 10 years, Centaurus Racing Team has made some memorable achievement.

The Project

Since September 2017, Centaurus Racing Team decided to switch into a 2-year plan to study, design and manufacture their 6th race car, Amphion. Special focus was given in the aerodynamic design and in study validation through data collected on track .

The team took extra time to study and design the new car and the results were great. Amphion was officially presented on March 23rd 2019.

In the electronics department, we give emphasis on designing our own printed circuits boards for our data acquisition network as well as boards for the electro-pneumatic-shifter, our own brake system plausibility device (known as BSPD) and board for driver auxiliaries.

Through all these years, the design of the PCB’s has improved in terms of reducing EMI and enhancing ESD protection.

Also the large size THT components have been replaced by small SMD packages and board size has been dramatically shrunk down.

Thanks to Eurocircuits

It would almost be impossible to improve the quality of our PCB’s without the help of Eurocircuits.

Since 2016, we print our boards in Eurocircuits and with the PCB Configurator and the PCB checker tools, we are able to deliver reduced-size, noise-free and, at the same time, low-cost boards.

Of course, all these PCB’s help us acquire more data on the track but also make the car more reliable and more competitive.

The online PCB configurator makes the design of the board much easier as we are able to configure the final details of every board, get an accurate image of our boards, and minimise our design mistakes.

We are grateful that Eurocircuits is part of Centaurus Racing Team’s sponsor’s family.

With kind regards,
Manos Stathopoulos,
Leader of Electronics Department,
Centaurus Racing Team.

For more information please visit the Centaurus Racing Team website (Greek language only).