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The Project

The Darmstadt Racing Team, or DART Racing for short, is once again speaking out. We are a 40-member student team that develops an electric, autonomous racing car every year. At the end of each season, we use it to compete against other colleges and universities in international design competitions.

The History

Racing cars have been manufactured in our workshop on the TU campus since 2006. Until 2011 still with a combustion engine, then the switch to an electric motor. Since 2017, an autonomously driving racing car has also been built in parallel, and since 2020, both systems have been combined in one racing car.


The 2022 Season

This requires not only extraordinary discipline, but also precise planning, because implementing such a complex project in a limited amount of time is a great challenge, especially for students who have not yet gained any professional experience and usually have not yet built their own racing car. With this, the potential to learn grows, not only in technical terms, but also what it means to work together with a team on a large project.

All the more we were pleased to start the season together with Eurocircuits. Mr Doerr’s lecture on the topic of ‘PCB production’ was not only an enrichment for our knowledge, but also a very special opportunity to get to know the company itself.


Eurocircuits supports us and manufactures some PCBs for us, which allows us to gain first experiences with electrical requirements and components already during our apprenticeship.

One example is the DV circuit board, which, to put it simply, forms the control unit of the autonomous system.



For more information please visit the DART Racing Team website.

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