TU Delft Hyperloop – Atlas 02

We spent this year designing and producing the hyperloop pod, Atlas 02. With this pod we will participate in the 2019 SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition in Los Angeles, California.

Delft Hyperloop also participated in the first hyperloop pod competition and won this competition
with the highest score on the sum of all categories. For this year’s competition we only had one goal: top speed!

To achieve this we decided to go for a high voltage batteries and electromotors. The high voltage batteries are designed and built in-house. On the pod there will be 4 battery packs supplying 8 motors in total. Each of these packs contains 4 modules of a 28S4P configuration and each module can reach a peak power of 28kW with a maximum voltage of 58.8V.

Since safety is our top priority, an electronic system had to be designed which, under the Battery Management System (BMS) commands, would enable and disable the High Voltage Battery Packs. For this a customized PCB had to be designed in order to create an interface between the safety circuitry and the BMS.

This electronic system is there to:
• Control the high- and low to chassis contactors
• Control the pre-charge circuit
• Enable CAN communication between the BMS Master Unit and slaves
• Control the battery pre-heating system

After a very busy year we are finally ready for the competition week! Within this week, all work will come together in one final run!

For more information please visit the Delft Hyperloop website.