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This was embedded world 2020
25 – 27 February

Eurocircuits was prominently present at the embedded world exhibition in Nürnberg. For several years now, embedded world has become the most important exhibition for hardware designers in Europe, topping even Electronica (Münich). Obviously, Eurocircuits needed to be there amid its customers.

This year’s edition was heavily affected by the start of the European Coronavirus crisis. This caused large companies to drop their attendance as an exhibitor (200 out of 1100 did not show up) and fewer visitors than usual (13800 visitors against 31000 last year). However, the Eurocircuits team still had many meaningful and in-depth conversations with many existing customers and plus many visitors interested in our services.

DFM Tools and Complete Assemblies in Less Time

The first topic we presented at the show was of course, our continued development of new free to use DFM-tools. These are designed to help our customers be time efficient and to help ensure that their designs are “Right First Time for Manufacture, thus allowing them to be on time and within budget with their project.

We also explained our enormous investment and expansion in our assembly services for prototypes and small series. In 2019 we invested 5M€, these are now in place and already running customer orders, offering a standard assembly time of 5WD and the possibility to reduce this to 3WD for prototypes in combination with a 3WD PCB manufacturing time, allowing shipment of fully assembled boards after 6WDs.

Our Industry is Dangerously Dependent on China

With China on lock down, one of the main topics during the show was the dependence of our European companies on the Chinese supply chain and due to this the current inability to deliver to the end user. Even before the show, Eurocircuits raised this topic and urged people to reflect on it and come to better business conclusions especially for prototypes and small series.

Many customers acknowledge this and are considering EU-supply for their future projects. Eurocircuits is open for any serious business discussions with customers who are willing to commit a certain volume of business, that falls within our service portfolio, to EU-supply.

Interesting Insights into the Work of our Customers

Overall, we can conclude that we were not overrun by visitors but were busy the entire time with more in-depth meetings. This also gave us the time to visit many of our customers that were exhibiting at embedded world. During each of these visits, Eurocircuits TV made a short video, just click on the links below to watch them:

Poly IC Video
Metirionic Video
Trinamic Video
IAV Video
AVT Video
GED Video
Cologne Chip Video
MLE Video
DH Electronisc Video
Cosynth Video
EW 2020 Video

All of these can also be found on Eurocircuits TV.

The Eurocircuits team.

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