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Eurocircuits is committed to responsible and sustainable working and living in Europe. This year alone, we are investing 2.2 million euros in our sustainability projects at our plants in Hungary and Germany: specifically, in the generation of renewable energy, reduction of water and energy consumption, zero-waste, reduction of air pollution and climate-neutral transport. Another major project this year is the extension to our new staff facilities building in Eger. The main focus is on improved ergonomics and health measures for the benefit of our employees.

These investments are part of our ecological sustainability management and corporate social responsibility (CSR) ISO 2600 project which we have been implementing since 2019. In contrast to other standards known in the industry, e.g. ISO 9001, the ISO 26000 standard is neither a technical standard nor a standardised management system.

ISO 26000 is a comprehensive international standard that provides a set of corporate social responsibility recommendations. It is intended to support organisations in fulfilling their social responsibility. Because we as a company see it as our duty to do so we are happy to accept this social responsibility, these rules are anchored in our Code of Conduct.


Our new staff facilities building in Eger/Hungary, is taking shape


Existing electrical and heat exchange solar panels on our 2016 inaugurated building in Eger, Hungary.

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