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I would like to share our teams experiences in the previous year of Formula Electric Belgium.

Formula Electric Belgium car

FE Belgium – action in Hungary

This movie shows how fast this car was moving at the event, Formula Student Hungary, their last competition this season. The team set some competitive times and is proud of what they have achieved.

We started as an almost entirely new team, because all our previous members had graduated. This obstructed the knowledge transfer, which made it necessary for us to gather the necessary information and experience on our own.

Designing a reliable PCB is one thing, but all that work would be for nothing if the assembly of the PCB is not optimal: badly soldered connections could break because of bad soldering or short circuits could occur.

That’s why we used the special eC-equipment of Eurocircuits, together with their stencil, solderpaste and reflow oven. With this equipment, the assembly of the PCB was easy, fast and very reliable: all components were perfectly soldered to the PCB.

And this high quality paid off: no electrical failures occurred in our car during the competitions, which resulted in us finishing the endurance at the Formula Student Czech Republic competition, and even a third place at the Formula Student Hungary competition!

This year, the size our electronics department has doubled, so big plans are on the table. We are excited to make these into reality with the help of Eurocircuits!

Formula Electric Belgium PCB

Formula Electric Belgium LOGOThomas Willems, Head of Electronics 2016 – 2017

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