Road Arrow is the first Serbian Formula Student team, whose members are students from the University of Belgrade. Our team was founded in Belgrade in November of 2010, and since then, we constructed six vehicles, and competed in 15 Formula Student competitions all over Europe!

Inovation is our second name! Since 2012, when the first vehicle was built (only a year after winning the third place in Class II in Silverstone) the team has constantly worked on improving all parts and implementing new and better solutions. And we are fast as well! The judges at the competitions were fascinated that we had aero package on our third car! That same year, we presented the first variable intake manifold that was designed and built in the Balkan region! Weight reduction, smarter solutions, better organisation… all this led to good results, and winning the 4th place in the most important race, endurance, back in 2015 at Formula Student Czech Republic. Our team got the title of the best team in region! That motivated us to put even more effort in building a new race car! In 2016, we presented a formula with the aero package built from carbon fiber, so as the steering wheel, intake system, and many other parts on formula! You won’t be mistaken if you say that there is no difference in these and F1 parts. That way we achieved significant weight reduction and got the new, modern design. From Silverstone to Red Bull Ring, from Italy to Hockenheim, Road Arrow builds its glory.

We continue with same hard work and are improving many systems, making new analisys, simulations and so on. With the major support from our sponsors, Road Arrow is constantly growing, learning and becoming greater. We have started from the bottom, and 7 years later, here we are! We are now a team with great accomplishments, but Formula Student is the most prestigious, and most expensive competition. Formula Student is a constant battle  between great ideas and financial constraints. The only way to explain how we have managed to build 6 race cars in a country nearly without any automotive industry, is to say something about our enthusiasm and friendship.

Road Arrow is more than a team. We are a group of students connected by a common goal, going through good and bad moments, functioning much like a large family. After a year of teamwork, despite all efforts, team members still, even more so than in the beginning, love what they do and enjoy it, so the love for the project and team continues to be an important cohesive factor that combines the car into that perfect assembly which is much more than just its parts. This atmosphere in the team is so obvious, that you can feel that flow from the moment you step into our workshop.

Thanks to Eurocircuits, who manufactured our PCBs, our team for Electronics is now gathering in our workshop to solder the new PCBs and test the designed systems. Our team for Electronics has great plans for the upcoming season, including the improvement of our telemetry system and modular sensor network utilising CAN and LIN communication. Also, for the first time we will have an LCD Dashboard display designed by our engineers.

We are celebrating their work, because there’s nothing better than seeing happy engineers, turning their ideas to actual useful components!

Nemanja Nešković – Subteam for Electronics

Formula Student team Road Arrow 2018

STT – Students’ Technical Tournaments
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