May 2016 – 25 years in PCB business

The 23rd of May 2016 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of our company.

In 25 years we built a company that generates a yearly turnover of more than 20 million euro. More than 300 families in Europe and India depend on our operation for their daily income. More than 10.000 customers place orders with us every year, we target to process 100.000 orders this year. And all this in an industry in crisis, where the majority of the companies from 25 years ago do not exist anymore.

Read the full story in our BLOG and enjoy some impressions with this video.

Customer seminar CAD2CAM4PCB a succes

Free – 1-day seminar that guides PCB designers to the optimum PCB design flow, well appreciated.

Helping our electronics design customers to define the best PCB layout flow possible and thus save time, avoid communication problems and achieve the best price and reliability for their PCB, is our goal. We want to share our knowledge with them during a one day seminar, held at our Aachen production facility

Our German team organizes more workshops on several topics. Those can be found here.

Making PCB prototypes – your and our specialty

How can Eurocircuits offer a competitive prototype service?

The European engineers are a very inventive and enterprising group, this has led to a huge industry of innovation and prototypes.

Manufacturing of these prototypes for customers can be costly and labour intensive and quoting is inhibitive because of the setup and material costs. Setup of a production line for 1 board or 10,000 boards costs the same, so where can cost saving be made without compromising on quality?

Read all about it here.

We have elaborated further on in house assembly of these prototypes in this story.

Interesting customer applications made with Eurocircuits PCBs

During the Dutch Design Week 2015, Gregor van Egdom launched his Vlak 1 desk light.

Eurocircuits IMS pool service was used for the first production run.

Read all about it here..

If you have a cool application in which our PCBs play a crucial part and you would like us to share this with the Eurocircuits community, then please tell us about it on

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