In 2014 the plan grew to extend the housing for our Eurocircuits kft facility in Eger. After the preparation of the building ground in 2014, the construction started in July 2015. 31st of March 2016 the building was officially finished after which we can start furnishing it.

The building has two floors and is 1,980 sqm large. Like our 5,000 sqm main building it is build on a rather steep slope. Around 7.000 cubic meter of soil was dug out.

The basement is a solid concrete construction with 30cm brick walls and 12cm thermal insulation. The basement is 890 sqm large and serves as stock, logistic area, server room, technical installation and then mens social rooms.

The upper level is a metal construction with insulated panels 150/160mm (Kingspan). Also 890 sqm, it serves as production area, office, kitchen and social area for the women workers.

Operating between the two floors, there is a 600kg strong elevator.

The entire building is managed by a Building Management System that takes control over the fire detection, the access control, the camera system and the heating and cooling and the energy management.

We have a large interest in consciously using energy. Our 37KW air-compressor contains a heat exchanger, our building is fitted with 3-layer glass windows, walls roof and the basement floor are well insulated and the roof is filled with solar collectors for hot water and 34KW strong solar cells.

The total investment was 1.35M€, spent to allow our Eurocircuits Eger site to grow and flourish.