Production Support Service

  1. Preparation of UN-Identified parts
  2. Pre-verification of Alternative parts, suggested parts and addition of Component (Part) specification
  3. Generation of Program for Solder paste inspection
  4. Examination of Images from Assembled PCBs
  5. Software support and user interface Testing

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1. Preparation of UN-Identified Parts

If we get the statement Part not Identified in Visualizer (ECC web tool) after Uploading the BOM list, then it’s our task to define or prepare those MPN which do not exist in our VCDB system.

Assembly Viewer - Part Not Identified - Web

Assembly Viewer - Part Not Identified Zoom -Web

Here in the screenshot below, you can see all those tools which we are using to create footprints of the manufacturing part number.

Footprints of Manufacturing Part Number - Web

FreeCAD - Web

We use the following softwares to create our footprints in 2D and 3D:

  • Footprint Expert Enterprise CLOUD 22
  • EagleCAD
  • FreeCAD

The part looks like the image below after adding it into eC-VCDB.

eC Verified - Web

2. Pre-Verification: Production Information

  • Pre-verification of parameters for production
  • We need to verify the part details from the manufacturers datasheet and store them into the VCDB
  • We call it Essential Production Information or Production Info”.

Production Info - Web

Pre-Verification: Suggested Alternatives

After the customer submits a suggestion, that suggestion will be shown in the ‘Pending’ tab as a “Not Defined” cross-reference in the Ec-VCDB suggested alternatives screen.

Pending - Not Defined - Web

Here we compare most of the parameters to evaluate it into the correct cross reference type.

At the moment we use three categories:

  • Identical Parts
  • Alternative Parts
  • Equivalent Parts

Cross Reference Type - Web

3. Generation of Program for Solder Paste Inspection

Eurocircuits India employer

Solder Paste Inspection - Web

4. Virtual Inspection of Assembled PCBs

Pixpect Editor - Web

Eurocircuits India Employer 2

5. Software Support and User Interface Testing

We fill the details or provide inputs to the IT team when it’s required to implement any type of new intervention into the system.

We check the system, report the incompatibilities or suggestions if found any.

These are all related to our software used for production and/or assembly, mostly designed by our developer or partner developer associated with Eurocircuits.

Software Support - Web