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No matter when you plan to take your summer vacation you can rely on us 100%.

Instead of a summer break, Eurocircuits makes the Green Wave for all of its customers.

What does the Green Wave mean for you:

  • No delays due to a summer break.
  • Online Chat in your national language without delay.
  • Unrestricted use of the online eC-smart tools for data verification.
  • Reliable PCB and Assembly production in Germany and Hungary.
  • On-Time deliveries.

Order before your vacation and have your boards ready and waiting when you return.

We wish you a great summer and to have time to enjoy the beautiful things in life.

The Eurocircuits Team.

  • How Can We Help You?
    We have implemented important procedures during the coronavirus pandemic to ensure the safety of our employees. This has allowed us to offer you our full support without any restrictions.
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  • Did you know that Eurocircuits has an ultra-modern, professional PCB assembly?
    We source all components for your printed circuit board at best prices and assemble prototypes from a batch size of 1 in series quality in our factory in Hungary.
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