Centaurus Racing Team was formed in 2009 by a group of undergraduate students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Thessaly and is active since then in the area of Formula style race-car design and manufacturing.

The history of the team’s race-cars consists of Chiron, Nessus, the improved model of Nessus, Nessus R, Thireus and its improved version, Thireus R.

CRT participates each year in the biggest student competition, Formula Student, with or without fully functional race car, and took part in 8 competitions as of now.

At this point we should take some time to mention the biggest achievements in the history of our team:

  • The first time CRT took part in an FSAE competition was in the year 2011, in Varano, Italy where it took the 1st place overall in class 3 category.
  • A year later the team changed category and participated in the Formula Student competition of Silverstone where  it took the 3rd place in cost report and the 9th overall.
  • In 2013 CRT decided to compete with a fully functional race-car in Varano for the second time reaching the 1st place in the presentation event and the 4th place in cost report.
  • Two more years went by with CRT participating in FSAE competitions in Gyor and Hockenheim earning significant achievements until 2016 when it made the decision to take part in two competitions with the same race-car, F.S. Germany, Hockenheim and F.S. Hungary, Gyor, in class 1 category.
  • 2016 our team raced with Thireus R in Autodrom Most during the FSAE competition hosted by the Czech Republic gaining the 13th place overall and more specific the 12th place in the endurance event and the 9th place in the efficiency.

This racing season we have set, among other goals, the expansion of our sensors’ network, a new and improved Body Control Unit design and implementation, as well as a throttle by wire system.

By utilizing the high quality PCBs that Eurocircuits manufactures, we are able to increase our electronics systems reliability while reducing size and cost. That way we manage to get faster, more accurate and noise free data.

Our job of designing PCBs is getting easier due to the fact that Eurocircuits provides an advanced online system, PCB Visualizer, which helps us narrow down mistakes before the board is even submitted for manufacturing.

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