Eurocircuits supports the formula student team of Bizkaia University.

2014 is the first year we deal with the enthusiastic team of student of Bizkaia University. We sponsor the PCBs for their formula student project. We now leave it up to them to tell in their own words how the project went and what their experiences were.

Team member, Victor Angulo, wrote this to us:

Dear Claudio,

I”m glad you supported us. I will comment a bit on this season and the first competition of the year that was in Silverstone (United Kingdom) from 10th to 13th of July.

Thanks to the hard work of the team we managed to finish the car two months before the competition, so we were able to test the car and to find the best set up for the different tests in the competition.

Once we were in Silverstone, we passed technical inspections first time right. Here the judges check that the car complies with all the rules of the competition (there are many and some of them very hard, especially in the electrical part). If one car does not comply with some rule, the judges prohibit it from racing. We didn”t have any problem here so before the dynamic events, we did the static ones.

To sum up, the static events consists of 3 parts:

  • Cost event (demonstrate that the budget, materials and manufacturing methods are correct to make a car in series)
  • Design event (judges justify the design of the different parts of vehicle, teach test for viability etc.)
  • Business Case presentation (present a business case for making the car, employees, salaries, profit etc.)

We did very well on these three parts and after that we went to de dynamic events.

We did a very good performance in the dynamic events, mainly thanks to the time we had already tested in Bilbao and the reliability of the drive system. However, in last event (the Endurance) we had to retire on lap 5 out of 22 because the union between a piece of carbon fiber and aluminum failed in the suspension.

It was a shame, but still, thanks to the results of the static and dynamic we reach position 32 out of 100 teams in the competition. Being the top of the Spanish teams that competed.

When we returned from Silverstone, we analyzed and fixed the problem in the suspension and we are already testing the car again in the track to get it ready for our next competition, Formula Student Spain (28th- 31st August). Our goal there is still to be the best team in the country and compete face to face to European teams, where the formula student has been seated many years.

I take this opportunity to send some photos of the official presentation of the car. I  also send you some photo that are more difficult to see, where we can see the battery packs and some of the PCB we have taken this year from  Eurocircuits. Thanks to them, we have a very reliable battery packs and our improvement in this from last year has been enormous, thank you very much for trusting us.

We are very happy with you products, and for this reason, next year we hope to work with Eurocircuits again. Also we would be happy to expand, more if possible, the collaboration you have with us.  We appreciate your help a lot. That such an important company like yours wants to collaborate with us is something that we want to care.

Best regards

Victor Angulo

There is really little more we can add to that and we are proud that we can support these guys.