New functionality from Eurocircuits to speed up the design process for RF and non-RF PCBs.

1. Custom marking – a new PCB Visualizer function. Place the order number or UL logo where you want it. Define and place date codes, text and QR codes.

2. RF pool upgraded. New RF build options as requested by our customers.

Custom marking – a new PCB Visualizer function.

  • Do you need a special text, date code or QR code on your PCB?
  • Do you need the order number or UL logo to appear in a specific place?

Use the new interactive Marking function in PCB Visualizer to define and place what you need on-screen. You can see exactly how the finished board will look, and you don’t need to spend time making detailed drawings or QR calculations. To see how it works, go to our blog [link to blog]

RF pool upgraded

RF engineers have asked us for:1. A low cost solution for RF prototype and development PCBs2. Standard materials and builds to be used as the basis for new designs.

We consulted with our customers and with sector experts to develop a new range of builds for the updated RF pool. Based around Isola’s new lower cost I-Tera MT very low loss laminate and Rogers higher specification RO4350B™ and using order pooling technology, these builds offer a flexible solution with an optimal combination of low cost and high performance. More … [ link to blog]

Technical blogs

We have added more technical blogs to our website.

  • How do we assure the quality of your PCB? Part 1 describes the tests that we carry out on your boards and on our processes during production. It also explains each section of the PCB Passport. Part 2 sets out the tests that we make on the finished boards to ensure that they meet and exceed your quality requirements.
  • Tolerances on PCBs. What tolerances should I design into my PCB?
  • Marking. What the new marking function in PCB Visualizer offers the designer, and how to use it.
  • RF pool – insights and details. Updated to give more information on the new materials and builds.

We have an on-going program of technical papers, but if there are particular topics on which you would like us to produce a blog, please email your usual sales contact or