The Eurocircuits booth at Electronica in Munich last week was crowded from start to finish with PCB designers and engineers checking out the latest Eurocircuits prototype PCB services and hardware.Hardware “stars” were

  • eC-test-mate – award-winning fixtureless test equipment for assembled PCBs
  • eC-pre-heater for easier hand-soldering and de-soldering

– details below. We have a special Electronica offer on all Eurocircuits hardware below.

Service and software “stars” were

  • new options in PCB pooling
  • PCB PIXture

– more information in next week’s Eurocircuits Technical Update.

eC-test-mate – “NO TEST” is no longer an option for populated prototype PCBs

eC-test-mate provides a cost-effective solution for testing prototype and small-batch populated PCBs without losing the time and money needed to prepare test-fixtures.

It comprises a docking station and 3 ergonomic test-heads. Each test-head has 21 test-pins and integrated hardware for a specific range of tests. Combined they offer comprehensive functional testing for small-batch assembled PCBs.

eC-test-mate is straightforward to use.

1. Incorporate the test-head footprints into your design (or on a snap-off coupon if space is tight)

2. Write your test program using eC-my-test software. Clear commands and structured menus make programming and debugging simple.

3. Plug the test head into your PCB and run the test.

4. Add the optional Starter Kit to start you testing even faster.

“Untested” is not an option

Visit our website for full information or watch our movie here.

eC-test-mate is available to order now.


Use the eC-pre-heater to make hand-soldering and de-soldering of critical components smoother and more reliable.

eC-pre-heater gives you complete control over the pre-heating process:

  • Load the PCB onto the eC-pre-heater.
  • Connect the external sensors to the board for optimum precision.
  • Various temperature profiles best suited for this PCB or these components, possible using the simple key-pad.
  • When the display shows that the board has reached your chosen temperature, start soldering or de-soldering.

eC-pre-heater’s slim-line profile, ergonomic design and insulated casing make it comfortable and convenient to use.

Visit our website for more information or watch our movie here.

eC-pre-heater is available to order now.

Electronica 2014 year end equipment special offer

Every customer placing an order for any of our machines: eC-stencil-mate, eC-reflow-mate, eC-pre-heater or eC-test-mate, between the 10th of November 2014 and the 1st of January 2015, will receive a 50€ (excl taxes) discount key valid for any of our PCB services. On top of that anyone ordering both eC-stencil-mate and eC-reflow-mate during the same period will receive a free eC-equipment-starter-kit.


We have changed the presentation of our eC-consumables to put the most frequently ordered items at the front. Check them out under the Off the Shelf tab, and save money by buying PCB consumables in small batches suited to prototype assembly.

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