eC-placer unveiled

Our new eC-placer is a camera-assisted manual pick and place unit. It offers fast set-up and precision placement at a price suited to prototype and small-series PCBs.

  • eC-stencil-mate provides a fast integrated solution for precise solder-paste printing.
  • eC-reflow-mate provides fully controlled reflow for optimum reliability.
  • eC-placer completes the process with cost-effective and accurate component placement.

We will show a fully-functional pre-production model at Electronics & Automation 2015: Utrecht, Netherlands 2 – 4 June 2015, hall 8 stand C025. Register for a free entry ticket here . Production deliveries will commence end September.

NAKED proto – your questions answered

Why do I have to use PCB Visualizer before I order?

Using PCB Visualizer cuts out data issues. That keeps NAKED pool prices down – and your deliveries on time. Use PCB Checker to catch DRC errors and Build Editor for unambiguous layer assignments, especially for single-sided boards.

Can I use 0.15 mm tracks?

Yes: we’ve updated the service spec. Live production has shown us that 0.15 mm tracks are safe. But minimum isolation must stay at 0.175 mm to avoid the risk of solder bridges during hot-air levelling.

Why is the surface finish leadfree hot-air levelling (HAL)?

Leadfree hot-air levelling is particularly well suited to hand-soldering prototypes and small batches. It is also our most popular finish.

SEMI-flex pool news

Our first major SEMI-FLEX project is ready to go. More than 2.000 SEMI-FLEX PCBs have been completed for the e-brace hand-shake recorder to be assembled live at the E&A Show in Holland. The wearable gadget is based on a SEMI-FLEX PCB with 3 rigid and 2 flexed areas.

eC-test-mate user report

One of the first users of eC-test-mate fixtureless tester reports:

  • Short learning curve
  • Fast set-up and test for prototype PCBs
  • Standardised testing for production batches

leading to faster prototyping and enhanced product reliability

For the full report, see our BLOG

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