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The coronavirus (COVID-19) is a serious threat and although the majority of infected people are in China, every country in the world is taking steps to control the spread of it.

Due to this situation, Eurocircuits have seen a tremendous increase in orders.

To face this situation we have, since a few weeks now, increased the operational hours of our factories in Hungarian and German.

This is proving to be insufficient. To be able to handle these additional orders and to support the European Electronics Industry, we also need some help from you, our customers.

We have temporarily increased our standard delivery term for our STANDARD, DEFINED IMPEDANCE, RF or IMS pool services to 7WD for orders over 10dm2 (decimeter squared). However, should you absolutely need a 5WD service you may choose to change the delivery term to 5WD at no extra cost.

This is a temporary procedure and we are hoping for your help to get through this stressy period. Be assured that once this situation is back to normal, we will revert to a standard 5WD delivery term for these pooling services.

Please note that this does not affect our PCB proto service which still offers a 3WD standard delivery term.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.



Recently, we have received several questions concerning if and how the coronavirus will affect our production and below are our answers/solutions.

Q: How will/does the coronavirus affect Eurocircuits material supply?

A: Eurocircuits is a European Prototype PCB and Assembly Manufacturer and as such we are loyal to our European suppliers, as has always been the case. In addition, for our production needs we have ample stock of our materials and chemicals to continue uninterrupted for quite some time.

Q: How will/does the coronavirus affect the production?

A: We only sell what we make and all production is done in Hungary and Germany, you, our customer should not experience any interruption of service.

Q: How will/does the coronavirus affect the Eurocircuits Business?

A: This is where we have seen the largest effects. With the current situation in Asia and with European customers fear of receiving packages from Asia, we have seen order demands rise from our normal 450-500 orders per day to over 700 orders per day on average.

Q: How will Eurocircuits cope with this high demand of orders?

A: Our priority is to deliver high quality products and services to our customers with on time deliveries. To achieve this, we have changed our standard delivery term from 5WD back to 7WD for orders over 10dm2 (decimeter squared) for all pooling services except PCB proto which remains on 3WD standard.

Once this world crisis has receded, we will reinstate our 5 working day PCB pooling service, but this temporary measure gives us the chance to continue to provide the normal service level and reliable delivery terms you have come to depend upon.

We wish all those infected by the virus a return to full health as quickly as possible and hope that a vaccine will be developed soon.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a member of the team, then all contact details can be found below.

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