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Formula Student Team Delft is an established Dream Team that has been building race cars for over 20 years. For the past years, Eurocircuits has been our trusted sponsor to produce our PCBs who are essential for our race car.

After a hectic year of design and engineering, we can say with absolute certainty that we would not have gotten far without the solid support of Eurocircuits. All the PCBs we asked for were delivered according to schedule. In total we have 14 different PCBs in our car. They control our motors, light up our dashboard, manage our accumulator and perform many more tasks within the electronics system of the DUT22. Here we highlight 2 of them, the AMS and the ASB:

Accumulator Management System

One important aspect of an electric car is its accumulator, which must be monitored, managed, and kept safe. This is the job of the Accumulator Management System or AMS for short. This year we decreased the size of the AMS and integrated the relay and circuitry for pre-charging. With our new design, we can now package everything in the limited space that we have.


Autonomous System Brake

Although it wasn’t implemented as we focused on performance for FSG we designed and tested our ASB PCB. This little board will continuously monitor if the autonomous system is still doing its job and if the safety systems are still functional. If anything goes wrong, it can deactivate the pneumatic valves and the car will make an emergency stop.


During the year, we made two versions of all PCBs, including three spare boards per version. When everything is added together, one can only imagine the sheer quantity and quality that Eurocircuits added to the realisation of the DUT22. Many, many thanks!


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