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Once the design phase is finished it’s time to bring the PCB for FST Lisboa to life! Eurocircuits provides a set of very useful and powerful tools including the PCB Viewer and Configurator:


Given that this design is meant to handle high current values, up to 100 A, the thickness of the outer copper layers is set to 70 μm instead of the standard 35 μm of thickness, one of the many options made available by Eurocircuits to customize the PCB design.

The PCB Checker was used to detect multiple faults in the design, track width, spacing etc, in a very intuitive way, giving the team the confidence needed that the design would be error free when manufactured, preventing future malfunctioning.


After the prototype is successfully manufactured it is ready to be tested and deployed in the car!


The Team of FST Lisboa wants to thank Eurocircuits for their support. Thanks to their services we were able to develop the electronics of our dream car.


For more information, please visit Formula Student Team Lisboa.

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