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We are Global Formula Racing, a cooperation between the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Ravensburg and the Oregon State University. As an international team we develop, design and build since the 2020 season two identical electric race cars that compete in the Formula Student/SAE competitions. Both cars are capable of modular driverless actuation and electronics, allowing autonomous driving with the same car at both OSU and DHBW.

A large number of different control units are needed to successfully participate in the competitions and build compliant vehicles, these include for example:

  • Battery Control Unit (BCU) Main control unit in the high voltage battery, responsible for monitoring the state of the stacks, precharging and switching the AIRs.
  • BMS board for measuring the voltages of all cells in the stack, as well as measuring the temperature of 33% of the cells.
  • Battery Container Indicator Light (BCIL) to indicate if high voltage is present on the vehicle side.
  • DC-Link (DCL) board with logic of TSAL, Discharge Circuit.

In addition, a self-developed dashboard is also important for a successful deployment. The dashboard informs the driver about the current state of the battery and about parameters that are important for him. The Autonomous System State Indicator (ASSI) and the Tractive System Active Light (TSAL) are essential to visualize the current status of the vehicle to bystanders during testing and competitions.

Most of our PCBs are assembled by students, which would be unimaginable without the eC-reflow-mate and the eC-stencil-mate, as well as the consumable products from Eurocircuits in this quality.

Therefore, many thanks for the great support and here’s to a good future cooperation!

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Marcel Dirschinger
Team Leader ePowertrain and Electronics

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