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Green Team Twente is a student team located in Enschede that consists of 26 enthusiastic full-time students from the University of Twente & Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Our goal is to create a greener future by showing the world that hydrogen is a sustainable energy source and educating people about it. We do this by being one of the very first to build a hydrogen racing car. Over the past 10 years, we have been building a super-efficient hydrogen car which they competed with in the Shell-Eco Marathon, won multiple prizes and became world champions. To keep pushing the boundaries of hydrogen and innovating, Green Team Twente has now decided to take on a new challenge by building a hydrogen race car with greater power and speed.

With this car, Green Team Twente wants to compete in the Formula Student. As of now, there are only three classes within the competition: combustion, electric and driverless. Green Team Twente wants to set up a hydrogen class and convince other competing teams to switch to building a race car on hydrogen. The team is already in contact with Formula Student Netherlands, Germany and Austria to look at what rules would need to be set up and are in contact with other teams to persuade them to join.

Not only are they showing the world the possibilities of hydrogen, but they also put a big focus on educating people about it and create awareness. Therefore, they visit and organise lots of events and visit many schools to give informative presentations and fun workshops where they hope to inspire the younger generation at an early stage.


Eurocircuits are specialist manufacturers and assemblers of prototype and small series PCBs.  They offer a helping hand for our Control & Safety sub team and have helped us a lot with our hydrogen racing car: the Gemini DKS. Because we switched to the FS car, the functionality of the PCBs has changed, because we now need to comply with Formula Student rules. Due to this we also need more PCBs. We shall explain a few PCBs below which Euro Circuits helped us with.

Canota plus adapter for FS car

Canota is a central hotspot to data and was used in the SEM car. In order to also use it in the FS car we used an adapter for this. With the Canota we can stream live information to the computer to see what is happening with the car. This is especially useful to keep a good overview and see what is going on within the car.


Electronic Control Unit (UNI)

This PCB can be seen as the brain of the car. It communicates with every other system in the car. This is where we can program and set up software. For example, when the gas pedal is being pushed, the ECU makes it possible to pass this signal on to the rest of the system.


Tractive System Active Light (TSAL)

This is a lamp on top of the car that shows with colours what the current state is for the high voltage systems. You have to measure at different points in the car if the high voltage systems are on. We have hydrogen fuel cell, so we have extra points which we need to measure to see where the high voltage is for safety.


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