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Green Team Twente is a multidisciplinary team with ambitious students from the University of Twente and Saxion Hogeschool. Until now we have designed, built and raced the most efficient hydrogen car. To test our performance we challenge ourselves against other student teams from all over the world in the Shell Eco Marathon.

Due to Covid-19, the Shell Eco Marathon was cancelled last year. Instead, last year’s team organised their own event together with the University of Delft and Hogeschool of Arnhem and Nijmegen (HAN). Next to that, the former team has been very busy with making a documentary about hydrogen implementation. The documentary: “Waterstof, Fuel of the Future” will premier the 19th of November and can be seen in Concordia from the 28th of November. The former team had an exhibition with all our cars at the MuseumFabriek in Enschede.

Since this September, Green Team Twente ‘22 has been analysing ways to optimise the car and has been coming up with new ideas to innovate. We came to a crucial decision for the upcoming year: This year we will not only build a highly efficient hydrogen car, but also a hydrogen racing car. Showing the world that hydrogen technology is ready for another challenge is what motivates our team the most. This switch will be a huge step for Green Team Twente, which will require our ambition and drive for change.

Besides building a hydrogen powered car, we strive to educate and spread awareness about hydrogen as a viable energy carrier. Therefore a new function has come to life within the communication subteam: the education function. We will raise awareness of hydrogen as a solution towards a more sustainable future on all levels of society.

Electronics in the car

A new goal also means a new strategy. Because the new racing car will require higher speed and acceleration. Therefore, we will need a fuel cell which can produce more power. This increase in power means that a lot more will be asked from the electronics in the car. The PCBs will need to carry higher voltages and larger currents than before and withstand the rough environment in which they will be used. This leads to the need for a more conscious approach to safety, both in component use and working methods.

Cooperation with Eurocircuits

The drive of innovation for sustainable solutions is what Eurocircuits and Green Team Twente share, and with this cooperation we are able to improve our electrical systems in terms of efficiency, speed and reliability, helping us to Break boundaries in innovative hydrogen mobility.

We highly value the help Eurocircuits provides us with, as their knowledge allows us to realise an electronic system that is designed specifically for our car and to our needs. Looking at broader solutions for innovative hydrogen mobility will be our goal this year. Therefore we want to preserve our title as World Champion on efficiency level this year and how our cooperative innovations can be implemented in hydrogen speeding karts.

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Let’s make our future greener, #GoGreener!

Benthe Commissaris

Communication manager team ‘22

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