InMotion collaborating with Eurocircuits to build the first electric LMP3 car!

We are currently finishing the production of the communication system for the components in our car.

The uECU

The uECU is one of the ECU’s (Electronics Control Unit) which is specifically designed to read out the sensors values and communicate them to the car’s communication system (CAN-bus).

The uECU’s are placed close to the sensors which helps to keep our wires as short as possible. The design is modular so sensors can be added or removed when needed.

Since these circuit boards are quite complicated, we decided to first make one prototype. This allows us to test if everything works correctly, so we can make adjustments if needed.

We can easily make adjustments in our design software and upload the file to Eurocircuits online tool. This allows us to rapidly produce the final uECU’s!

The uECU prototype

PDU4 Junction-Box

Part of our low voltage system is the Junction Box. We use the Junction Box to make the car as modular as possible. A single cable would require a big connector or cable, which would then have to be split up into smaller cables.

Because we use our car as a testing platform, this is very undesirable and unpractical, as we would have to replace a very big cable for one little adjustment.

Thanks to the Junction Box, we can use multiple, smaller cables instead of the single big one, which makes adjustments (connector replacement, component upgrade) easier.

The bigger connector in the middle is the input connector and the signals are divided over the smaller connectors on the left and right.

The PDU4 Junction-Box provided with Connectors

Eurocircuits tool

We used Eurocircuits’ convenient online tool to make the design producible. After importing the files, the tool checked them for failures. These could then be fixed using the tool. A nice visualizer in the tool showed what parts of the circuit board had to be adjusted. We were able to upload the bill of materials and after a quick configuration we the components could be linked to the desired location. A warning was issued when the footprint didn’t match the chosen component or if components were not in stock and gave alternatives, which allowed us to easily choose the correct parts. Lastly the tool calculated the price and the circuit board was ready for production.

One of our engineers is currently testing the prototype and we hope to order the final uECU’s soon!

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