The IFS03e from ISEL Formula Student, designed and manufactured by a team of 30 students uses various control and data acquisition modules. Most of these modules are self-developed by the team and are custom made for our different vehicles. Many have to comply with strict safety rules and thus we rely on Eurocircuits to manufacture the circuit boards.


Since the team uses a 400V HV Battery we need to use isolated components whenever we need a module to connect to the Battery. One of these systems is the TSAL (Tractive System Active Light), since the TSAL needs to signal a voltage greater than 60V, present at the output of the HV Battery and the inverter capacitors, we developed the TSAL HV module that signals the logic module of this conditions. It must comply with clearance rules and be galvanically isolated from the low voltage system. We choose Eurocircuits to produce safe and reliable PCBs to use in our HV systems.


Other crucial systems as the BSPD (Brake System Plausibility Device), the TSAL Logic module and TSAL Light Module were also fabricated by Eurocircuits.

The Vehicle uses CAN BUS to communicate between modules and uses a dashboard and a telemetry system to display and retrieve the vehicle data communicated trough the CAN network.

The team decided to develop its own telemetry and data acquisition module. This module helps the team to improve future vehicles and tune the current vehicle by providing crucial data about the performance of the car on the track. The data arrives via CAN BUS, then is saved to the SD card, and sent via radio to the pits.



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