From statics only at the first competition to winning at Formula Student Alpe Adria, the Weasels – Joanneum Racing Graz’ team members – never stopped pushing and are already more than focused on 2023. After that fairytale-like start into a new electric era, we had to set high goals for the next season – competing with the world’s best teams in Formula Student EV-category and climb to the top spots in the world ranking. To be able to do that, we always need strong and reliable partners on our side. For manufacturing of PCBs Eurocircuits is our most important partner providing us with PCBs for various safety systems, our self-developed SiC inverter, our HV battery and various other electronic components within our race car.

Although we already had a very competitive package in 2022, many components will be redesigned including – but not limited to – our HV and LV batteries, inverter and the car’s electric architecture. We aim to decrease weight while simultaneously increasing functionality. To do so we decentralise our electric system which increases the number of control units but drastically decreases wiring. One of the most important components to achieve that is a newly developed analog-to-CAN-converter. It will be placed within areas where many analog sensors are located and digitises the signals to write them onto one of eight CAN-busses of our race car. Eurocircuits is the perfect partner for manufacturing of such PCBs as they offer a wide field from simple 2 Layer PCBs to multilayer boards with impedance-controlled traces.

We are now about to enter the manufacturing phase of this season’s car – the JR23 – and will work hard to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

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Never stop pushing!

Johannes Bauer
Team member electrics and inverter

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