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Lancaster E-Racing has competed at Formula Student for two decades, and in 2017 changed to an electric powertrain, becoming the second UK EV to pass electrical scrutineering two years later. As the biggest, most ambitious team in the team’s history, we are determined to deliver a step change in performance in 2021.

We are undertaking a full redesign of our control systems this year with the aim of transforming the reliability of the car, a major issue in recent years. Our new system includes modular software-free safety systems, supported by comprehensive telemetry, diagnostics and traction control. All this will be rigorously tested for durability and mounted for ease of assembly, allowing future teams to develop individual systems in future.

Eurocircuits’ high-quality and robust products are a crucial element in achieving our goals, and we’re proud to place our confidence in them. Without their design support and pooled manufacture our ambitions wouldn’t be impossible in the low volumes we need.

Key Features

  • All tractive system safety circuits integrated on single PCB.
  • Accumulator rebuilt to eliminate past reliability issues and reducing electrical hazards during maintenance.
  • Pedal sensors monitored in analogue hardware for resilience.
  • Two new High Voltage Measurement circuits with digital outputs.
  • Enhanced Dashboard with comprehensive LCD displays, automated testing and scope for future improvements.
  • All systems mounted on PCBs professionally manufactured by Eurocircuits
  • Cable harness designed for ease of assembly, maintenance and re-use.
  • Overall goal to leave a legacy of tidy, well documented design and manufacture to enable future teams to focus on maximising the vehicle performance.


  • 200km of test running to be achieved over 3 weeks.
  • This should include 44km (double the Endurance event distance) completed with no faults or maintenance needed.
  • Complete all dynamic events, which would be a first for an electric Lancaster entry.
  • Performance capable of scoring in all dynamic events, demanding optimal lap times of under 70 seconds.

Images and Additional Material


Figure 1: Former electronics compartment, which will be eliminated. The new system has more functionality in less space, with the modules made more accessible and wiring requirements minimised.


Figure 2: CAD rendering of designs (sample)

LER - Example of PCB Manufactured by Eurocircuits

Figure 3: Example of board to be manufactured by Eurocircuits

LER - Render of Dashboard Interface

Figure 4: Render of dashboard interface

LER - CAD Model of Electrical System Enclosures

Figure 5: CAD modelling of electrical systems enclosures

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