We are the Formula Student/SAE Racing Team of the University of Applied Sciences Munich. With about 40 members, we develop a new electric racing car every year as part of this student competition. At the end of the summer semester we travel across Europe and show what we and our latest developments are capable of.


In 2005 the team of munichmotorsport, at that time still called FHM Racing, started the development of the first racing car, which successfully participated in the first European competitions in 2006. From 2009 onwards, a second racing car was developed every year in parallel to the conventional combustion engine drive, which is powered 100% electrically. In 2017, the first fully autonomous vehicle took to the starting line at the Hockenheimring. At the time, the autonomous system was still based on an older electric racing car, but is now being integrated directly into the development of the new vehicle.


Season 2022

As in every Formula Student season, time is too short and the list of improvement requests too long. Therefore, at the beginning of the development, focal points have to be set on which the entire team can concentrate. In the electrical system, we decided to focus on the reliability of the overall system in order to provide the rest of the team with a solid foundation so that the full potential of the vehicle can be realised. Particularly in the area of PCB development, a lot of time was invested in this regard to avoid common mistakes in component selection, pinning and layout of the boards. Especially the training on PCB design and the production process of the PCBs by Mr. Uwe Dörr at the beginning of the season was a groundbreaking support on the part of Eurocircuits.
Due to these improvements in the electrical system, the team was able to achieve a 6th place in the overall standings in Spain, thus bringing the season to a fitting conclusion.


Cooperation and support

As already mentioned, the support of the student project extends from the initial training on the design of their own PCBs, to the active collaboration during the development, to the production of the PCBs. Through this active support, Eurocircuits enables the members of the munichmotorsport team to turn their ideas into reality.

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