Outline Editor – new PCB Solver repair tool

PCB Solver is a range of online repair tools to help you fix the most common production data issues before you place your order. Use the PCB Solver repair tools before ordering to

  • avoid delivery delays
  • help reduce board costs
  • save valuable design time – and designer frustration.

The first tool launched was the auto-repair of annular rings running in PCB Checker.

The second tool is the Outline Editor in PCB Configurator. Repair the board outline (profile) on screen when

  • Profile data is missing, incomplete, or incorrect
  • PCB Visualizer finds two valid outlines

To use the Outline Editor, upload your data into your Shopping basket, allow 3 -4 minutes for PCB Visualizer to run its analysis and then check the PCB Visualizer column. If you find a blue warning or a red flag open PCB Visualizer. Any outline issues will be shown in the Remarks pane of PCB Configurator.

How to use Outline Editor

More PCB Solver repair tools will be released during the coming months.

Healthier soldering

Soldering fumes are unpleasant and can be hazardous to health. Best practice requires a good fume extraction system.

We tested a number of third party systems for efficiency, quiet operation, and value for money. The Fume-cube from Purex came out best in the trials and for more than a year we have used it with all in-house soldering operations. It is now available to our users as the eC-fume-cube.

Why install eC-fume-cube?.

  • Healthier, more comfortable and more productive working environment
  • Compliance with local and national Health and Safety regulations
  • Internal filtration system needs no ducting to outside air
  • Fully mobile. eC-fume cube can be can be stood next to the soldering process and is readily moved when needed
  • Stainless steel construction ensures long machine life despite corrosive fumes

The eC-fume-cube is suitable for both hand-soldering and machine soldering.

  • For hand soldering, add the eC-arm-kit. This includes a 38 mm stainless steel flexible arm to bring extraction to the point of soldering.

  • For machine soldering with the eC-reflow-mate oven V3 add the eC-reflow-mate-hood. This clips onto the oven and ducts away soldering fumes when the oven door opens after reflow.

Sponsoring student projects

Eurocircuits is an active sponsor of student projects across Europe. We have provided PCBs for projects as diverse as rocketry, robotics and Formula Student race cars. If you would like your student project to be considered for sponsorship, please contact Eurocircuits at euro@eurocircuits.com.

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